The Nike Flyknit Racer ‘Goddess’ is Set to Release Soon

Spring and summer are approaching rapidly and that calls for sunny weather kicks entering sneaker rotations. The Nike Flyknit Racer ‘Goddess’ is releasing next week to usher us into the sunny months.

The Nike Flyknit Racer ‘Goddess’ was first seen on the web in a leaked image in late 2016. At the time, many thought it was a triple white colorway but we can officially confirm that this pair is not a triple white pair as black can be seen on the outsole. The rest of the shoe is white or transparent, with the midsole done in Sail rather than a pure white.

Drawing inspiration from Greek Mythology, Nike dubs this colorway “Goddess” to honor the brand’s namesake, the goddess of victory. Moreover, the shoe will be releasing on International Women’s Day, March 8. Have no fear guys, the shoe will be releasing in the usual Nike Flyknit Racer unisex sizing, so both men and women will be able to purchase and rock this clean pair of Flyknit Racers.

Sound off in the comment section below if you plan on copping a pair of the Nike Flyknit Racer ‘Goddess’ when it releases.

nike flyknit racer 'goddess'






  1. very nice…..i think the flyknit racer is one of the few silhouettes (besides the obvious huaraches) nike still has that can compete with adidas’ boost series as far as casual options go

    1. I don’t know, i still see Roshes everywhere as far as casual shoes from Nike. They may not be hyped by sneakerheads or whatever, but the general population is all over them from what I see.

      1. yeah, roshes are everywhere here in hong kong too, i wasn’t really talking about popularity, though, because in hong kong people still rock air max ’90s, air max ones, air force ones, all over the place, i meant to say that the flyknit racers are pretty much the only nike silhouette out that can compete with the boost line in terms of general ‘sex appeal’ (which as we know fluctuates with the caprices of fashion)

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