Nike Evolves Basketball Uniforms Beyond a Jersey and Short

Now we get serious. Giving us a preview of what to expect when they take over the NBA sponsorship in 2017-2018, Nike introduces us to Aero-Swift technology. Premiering on the Rio Olympic team first in this summer’s Games, it will give Nike time to fine-tune before their Association debut, but it sounds like the uniforms are game-ready today. Check out the details below:


Pioneering Nike Vapor basketball uniforms impose a new order on the court by pairing progressive knit jerseys and shorts featuring Nike AeroSwift technology with innovative base layers to minimize game-time distractions and maximize performance.

The system is anchored by basketball-specific base layer options, including arm sleeves, padded compression gear and knee sleeves, which together wick sweat from the skin, providing a feeling of protection and compression, and keeping the players’ arms and legs warm off-court.

Designed to interact with the base layer but not cling, the lightweight, tailored jersey features stretch knit with engineered mesh as determined by extensive sweat-mapping studies.

Moving down the body, designers further reduced distraction with the Nike Elite Versatility basketball sock. A 360-degree ankle-support system, dynamic arch compression, anatomical design and footpad cushioning add to the comfort and locked-in feel of the sock, while Dri-FIT fabric wicks away moisture and increases breathability.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits provided by Nike Vapor kits with AeroSwift technology, the women’s kits take fit to the next level with two distinct jersey and short silhouettes that, regardless of their pairing, create a consistent team look. Designed in direct response to athlete insight, one jersey features a standard armhole whereas the other features a larger one, allowing for a range of athletes to find their perfect fit. Female players are then able to select between two pairs of shorts: one pair with traditional waistband placement and one pair with a shorter rise, for those who prefer to wear their shorts at their hips.

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National Teams, including United States, Brasil, Spain and China, debut Nike Vapor Basketball Uniforms with AeroSwift technology for 2016. Each uniform’s respective aesthetic captures the energy of Rio and Brasil’s dramatic nature via the common theme of exploded, vivid color, which extends the respective country’s national palette with rich saturated hues and vibrant neons. Individual details reveal each country’s culture and history at the same time iridescent mesh numbers and names, which appear and disappear as athletes move, take inspiration from beetle wings.


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  1. Wily dropped 100 in chucks. All this fancy language is useless. NBA players will still travel and set moving screens. NEXT!

  2. I don’t know much about Adidas fit options or uniform innovations but I enjoyed this post to see what Nike is bringing, might have to snag some game shorts fornthe first time since I was a kid in the 90s. The Adidas NBA gear isn’t bad though, I really like the 2015 all star apparel. Its cool to see that they really went in depth with personalizing the fit for men and women at Nike..good stuff. Thanks for the great read as always Duke!

  3. They need to go backwards and have the heavy logo stitch “tackle twill” made by sandknit. Should with FAT logos etc

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