Nike Air Penny 2 Retro Deconstructed

The Nike Air Penny 2 Retro is the latest Nike model to get deconstructed and you might be happy with what was found.

With Nike continuously removing technology from popular Retro models, many are wondering which Retro shoes have their proper tech features.

After finding out the current Nike Air Penny 4 had its forefoot Zoom Air removed, many questioned if the Nike Air Penny 2 Retro line that released in 2016 was stripped of its Zoom Air (despite my reviews saying otherwise). Even if you don’t believe me when I describe a sneaker’s tech features, seeing is believing and you can’t deny that the Air Penny 2 has everything it’s supposed to have.

Enjoy the detailed deconstruction of the Nike Air Penny 2 Retro below and let us know what you think about FastPass’ findings.






  1. You can feel the zoom air unit just straight out of the box, but really almost a year after they released, did people still ask for tech specs and doubt the review you made? Smh, well,at least now I know the size of the zoom unit in the front, lol.

  2. This just makes me smh… It just confirms the fact that Nike is deliberately messing with their retro line just to penny pinch (is there a pun here?) more revenue. These Penny’s retailed for $160 WITH all the tech and the Penny 4s are $160 with missing forefoot zoom…. Ugh!

  3. I played in my pair a couple of times and given how forefoot-heavy I play, I would have felt lack of zoom air immediately.

    Really glad to see it confirmed though.

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