Replica Nike Air Foamposite One Deconstructed

After receiving confirmation from those that can actually read Chinese – not named Google translator – we’ve come to find out that Long-7 have deconstructed a Replica Nike Air Foamposite One.

Hit the jump – if you dare – and check out what fake Foamposite’s are made of. Its scary because they use the same materials as the real deal… even the cushion and Carbon Fiber. Crazy.































  1. ouch… that gotta hurt.

    anyhow, nice autopsy. guess the double stack zoom air was true. =D

  2. correct me if i’m wrong.. but didn’t they also deconstruct a pair of electrolimes, but just not as thoroughly?

      1. Hey wing, what insole do you prefer that I could wear for basically any shoe, not just basketball?

        1. Micro G if possible… you’d have to buy one of their newer models (theyre all on sale lol) and then just take the insole out. Either that or just go to Finish Line’s site and search “insole” and there will be a whole bunch to look through, you can then pick out what you want based on your needs… heel cushion/ forefoot cushion etc.

          1. It sounds like Micro G is a very nice cushion. Is it something that lasts a while? Longer than Lunarlon?

            What are your favorite Under Armor shoes at the moment?

            Nightwing or anyone can reply to this. I wouldn’t mind trying a pair of their shoes for outdoor use. Anyone got any recommendations?

            What is their current best overall Basketball shoe, and would it be suitable for outdoor use?

  3. i went to the long-7 website and search for this. I didn’t understand the post “PS: 1. Issue the demolition of shoes for the fake shoes, so the shoes to send the current activities suspended. 2 camouflage spray company goods and fakes are nine yards. ” before the deconstruction pictures. is the deconstructed foamposite fake? this is the url www .long-7. com/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=42125&extra=page=1

    1. 1) 本期所拆鞋款为假鞋,所以本期送鞋活动暂停
      -Since the deconstruction shoe this episode is a fake/replica shoe, we r not giving out free shoe.
      (appears to have some sort of event of giving out free shoe to their subscribers i guess)

      -the “colored” (authentic) shoe and the replica r size 9?
      (i guess…)

      it appears that they are comparing between a Foamposite black/volt and the replica, which is the Fighter Jet colorway.

      i might help the translation if i’m not too tired tomorrow. =)

    2. I want to buy these where at the site can I purchase I translated the page and can’t find

  4. foamposite sure isnt as impressive when removed. just a silly piece of plastic. otherwise great materials on this shoe.

    1. I thought the opposite, to know that it has literally a heel to toe full length zoom and also a double loaded heel zoom unit.
      Tell me how many sportswear models or even performance models still feature heel to toe full length zoom, or even double loaded heel zoom for that matter.
      I’m quite impressed, nice to know my foamposites aren’t skimped out on tech as they keep coming out with new models.

    2. ok I take it back, after reading more comments straight after.. finding out these are fakes….
      Such a disappointment… =[

  5. I wanted to make a comment, the shoes they deconstructed are actually duplicate. Surprise eh? So folks you gotta be very carefully when spending your money on these kicks.

      1. The deconstructed camo is a fake pair of shoes.
        The cushion is legit but the plate may not be carbon fibre as they seems havent clarified it. (I didnt read through the whole post in long-7).
        BTW, the reason of long-7 deconstructing a fake foam is that fake shoes in China is pretty everywhere with a quality that you can really tell it is fake or not. So they tried to help sneakerheads especially in China out for avoiding to buy a fake shoe.

        Hope this will help, from Hong Kong

        1. U can buy real shoes in China but on the Nike and etc Park not those on Bargain Shops

  6. Just some addition,

    They did pointed out there are some difference in the textures between a genuine zoom bag and the fake zoom bag.
    The fake shoe also feels heavier and less flexible on wearing test.

  7. Wow fakes have zoom units? Are these legitimate zoom air bags? Never heard of fakes having stuff like that.

  8. Long-7 did deconstruct a real pair of Foam before
    They said the zoom in fake is less dense and more yellow due to the quality of glue, also the foam material is different, it looks more shiny and less deformable.
    The carbon fibre also changed shape due to heat in the fake one
    The give away activity is that Long-7 give away the other shoe that they haven’t deconstruct from the pair usually.

    From Hong Kong as well

  9. the zoom is also a fake zoom, the real one do not turn yellow, also the texture inside of the zoom is differnt also.and the body of the shoe is not “Foamposite”

  10. If these are legitimate zoom units, then I need these in my possession. I will gladly paypal anyone who can come up with the info to get those…I have some shoes that need some cushioning upgrades and if they have them just floating around, I need those…

    1. How are you going to put the Zoom units in your shoes that need upgrading? Are you going to pull the shoe apart and mod it in?

    1. Yes I bought some from a Chinese manufacturer on Ali Who wasn’t licensed by Nike. They told me since its old technology the specs are widely known among several other manufacturers so its not difficult to duplicate. Mine held up for 2 yrs then busted. Hope this helps

  11. good thing you updated this post nightwing. at first i was cofused when i went to long-7 website and used google translate to translate the chinese characters and knew that the deconstructed foams are fake.

  12. I think those zoom will work, but i doubt if they work as good as the real ones as it is flatter than the genuine’s.

  13. fake zoom doesnt feel the same, not as firm as the real one and it get much softer and it turn yellow, real zoom dont turn yellow fake one does

  14. I dont know why everyone thinks this is crazy. Anyone who thinks these retail shoes they are buying are so valuable and what not are crazy. Its a known fact that even the retail shoes are made in China, and so are the so called “Replicas”. They use the same material because its the same people making them. The sad part about it is although everyone hates on people in the US for wearing/buying fake shoes (Which in my opinion is retarded as if you spend you timing judging others over some damn shoes then you have issues) the people that buy the fake shoes are actually helping the factory workers that are struggling to feed their families. The people buying these “Replica” shoes are paying the factory workers maybe 30-60$ (not entirely sure how much) while Nike/Jordan pay them a few dollars a week for the exact same product(materials wise). Now because its Nike/Jordan everyone thinks they are worth that 160 retail – 300+ Reseller price, when it only takes under 10$ materials and labor wise to make these damn shoes. So hate on the people trying to provide for their families, and hate on the people that are actually helping them and cant afford to stand in line or pay that 160$ retial price (Which mind you if the shoes cost 10$ to make and you sell them 150, they are making 1500% increase in profits).

    Just a little FOOD FOR THOUGHT

    1. I dont know why you’d come here just to insult people but this is for informational purposes. Yes, its crazy. Yes, these shoes are made in the same factories sometimes and yes the workers get paid VERY little. But guess what… its NOT Jordan or Nike’s fault.

      The brands hire the factory to put together orders at a price discussed by the brand and the factory owner. These brands do not own the factory or their employees so to blame the brand when its the factory owner doing this to their own people is the real crazy part. Claiming that this is the way these people are making extra money for their families is BS. The owner of the factory says “hey you, you’ll be here all night to fulfill this new order and you dont get to leave until they are done – I’ll pay you $3 extra.” and THAT is how things work over their because there are no labor laws to protect the employees. Keep blaming brands, it solves nothing as they are not in control. They choose to go overseas to construct their products bc these factory owners do the work for such low prices and its the owner of the factory that takes the huge percentage of the profits. Next time, do your research my friend. This is all well known information that has been around for YEARS. Factory owners put their employees through hell. Brands are NOT the factory owners.

      1. S2B everything you said make no sense at all. you are saying we should all buy fake shoes because 1. to help their family? 2. nike /jordan make too much money? IF the fake shoes , sales for real cheap and tell customers that this is not the”real one” i am ok with that, however most of them dont sell much less than 160 and lie to people that these are real. AND you wrote all these bullshit to encourage these “Crime” there is something wrong with your head!

      2. I don’t think you can absolve the brands of all blame simply because they don’t own the factories. At the very least they are an accessory to the “crime”. Whatever it takes for the almighty dollar, sadly.

        1. How are they an accessory? They hire a factory to do a job and the factory goes behind the brands back for their own good. The brand itself earns nothing from the “off the record” run of product so I dont see how that makes the brand an accessory. If anything, it shows that you cannot trust anyone.

          1. Sorry I wasn’t clear – I was referring to the terrible wages and conditions, not the knock-off shoes hehe.

      3. Is it true that the materials and cushion are the same. Does this mean that it has real foamposite material??? If it does its basically the same shoe except a thousand times more cheap.

    2. Dude you have no concrete facts just speculation. Research and site your sources then we will consider your insight but don’t make claims with out facts or sources.

    3. @S2B: Having worked in the athletic footwear industry for over a decade in product creation and brand management, I’ve seen the inside workings of contract manufacturing, so I’ll try to add my two cents here.

      1)A $160 shoe does NOT cost $10 to make, it is usually 3-4 times that. China is also getting an expensive due to increased labor and overheads, so there’s a lot of heat on product costs. I’ll elaborate more in #2.

      2)Because of Nike’s Indonesia fiasco a decade and half ago(negative PR due to low contract manufacturing wages), top brands are very careful to pay statutory minimum wages and maintain standards for labor treatment. Factories are routinely audited for safety, hygiene, wage compliance and overall fair treatment. This adds a huge expense, which is passed on to product costs. Brands manage product costs long term by hedging on volumes, foreign exchange rates and materials. Not to mention, stripping value from their products, carryover tooling molds and increasing retail prices every year. Baller kicks haven’t felt the heat so much, but look at running footwear – those are getting more and more ‘minimal’ which means less layers and materials. That means lower product costs.

      Brand margins are not huge – we’re talking about Nike, so let’s look at their brand financials for latest quarter.

      They made a net income of 866 million on a revenue of 6.2 Billion dollars, so that is just short of 14%. Nike does better than the rest – for example Adidas operating income guidance is just 9%. So I need to correct you, it is NOT 1500% in profits 🙂

      I wish everything was that simple – retail price minus product cost = profit. But you forgot to add in retailer margin, demand creation expense, income taxes, salaries, rents, and investments, among many, many other things.

      3) The fakes are NOT made in the same factories as the originals. I can tell you that because I have seen the original factories in China. Full time brand employees are part of the factory management, and the lines only produce legit merchandise.

      That said, China is full of suppliers who can reverse engineer any product and make it look like the real thing. Making a sneaker is no rocket science; all you need are a few matching release papers (the synthetic leather), some molds for the outsole and the panels and a few screens for printing. A zoom air bag is a not a marvel of technology; it is nothing more than a drop stitched bag with some air in it. And carbon fibre too – easy to make if you have the huge molds, because molding that thing is a struggle.

      Just thought I’d step in to clear the air.

  15. I find it hard to believe these are fakes. Everything on this shoe is spot on. I have NEVER seen a fake foam with the real cabron fiber. I personally think whoever did this just destroyed a real foam LOL

    1. look at image 9 bro, it isnt real carbon fiber but its molded on the outside to mimic the texture. Carbon Fiber usually looks the same on both sides since its woven.

  16. Nightwing it’s funny that you say that you use google translate to translate the long-7 website because my Chinese teacher at my high school sent them a thank you note for the translating being so bad so he could catch cheaters. One of the translations for a Chinese dish was “f**k a duck until it explodes”

      1. if i ever see that F duck on a chinese menu, i will definitely order that dish just to see what that is , hahahaha

    1. haha! i believe i’ve seen that one. it supposed to be “Explosive(extremely crunchy) Fried Duck. xD

  17. I’ll tell what I find funny about all of this. As I read comments from so-called shoe-experts and so on, there is one thing no has mentioned… the durability and quality of the other shoes produced.

    You see, there is a reason why people like myself (business hustlers) who take advantage of international opportunities will always win – there also is a reason why China will always win too and ARE winning. I have many customers right here in the US who buy my custom stock of China-produced shoes. The quality is great.

    I don’t how many years a few of you have worked in the industry… that doesn’t make you an expert and asserting your views, even if you went to China and saw shoes on Nike’s press, doesn’t give you any more of a position – you merely “work in the industry” at a damn store for a WAGE.

    Customers in general want options, they want variety… and IF you can deliver QUALITY among all this, they will LOVE YOU. If a company has advanced technology and engineering savvy to be able to “reverse-engineer” a product, AND give it quality, you are a FOOL for not going with the “smart money” and capitalizing.

    I’ve seen people (as well as myself) pay $100s for the same damned shoes, that eventually wear down after prolonged use. I’m able to offer the same items for slightly lower costs, because of a connection to the source. You all better wise up on “economics” and quit whining about real this, and fake that… my customers shoes are of great quality, last just as long (because of a strong connect with strong manufacturing power and resources, as not all suppliers have the same), and the variation of shoes are sweet!

    My case in point is this: while you all debate and spend energy posting pics of tearing up shoes, some of us are selling a boat load of GOOD SHOES to customers and making GOOD freaking money. Think about that for a moment. Quality and variety… customers… supply and demand. Perceived value. Y’all better get your business mind in order and stop debating about dumb sh*t. Besides, I’ve never had a pair of shoes go bad on customer yet. Get in the game, or stay on the side lines (in those long ass lines at the stores), and spend that “extra money” you could stacking to do something else with.

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