Deals: New Puma Ignite Limitless Colorway Already on Sale for $69

Yes, you read that right — a brand new colorway of the Puma Ignite Limitless is already on sale for $69.

Thanks to WearTesters commenter Nick for putting me on! You can pick up the ‘Vintage Khaki’ Puma Ignite Limitless for $40 off the $110 retail price. Available in sizes 8 to 13, you can grab your pair here.

Best believe I copped for that price — especially because this was my favorite colorway of the lot. Let us know in the comments if you’ve already picked up the Ignite Limitless — how is it so far?

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  1. Weird: I tried these on last Wednesday (this colorway) in an outlet (Europe), I had not known about this shoe, only about the Limitless Hi-Tech. They were extremely comfortable, but they were half a size small for me (not other sizes in the store) so didn’t buy. But after that i tried to check them online, and couldn’t find anything about the limitless until they appeared on Footlockers release calendar. I still don’t know how they ended up in an outlet one week before the official release date.
    But again, they are extremely comfortable, the ignite mid-sole is very soft

      1. Didn’t these come out THIS WEEK? I have the Limitless Hi-Tech, but I’ll happily pick up few back up pairs at obscenely low prices.

          1. I went true to size and there’s a little bit a space left to move around.

            Support and freedom of movement is superb due to the mid-foot strap and cage that cradles the back of the foot.

            WEAR CREW SOCKS. It’s a tall shoe with good padding, but the cage could dig into exposed skin based on the type of movement. A low top version is available for $130.

            Traction is perfect on concrete and asphalt.
            You can walk through puddles with confidence with the water resistant toe box.

            The IGNITE Foam feels like Adidas BOUNCE and Nike Zoom Air. Rock solid throughout the day with very little break in time.

            It’s like putting on a stiffer version of the KD9, but once it’s on your feet will not move around AT ALL.

            It’s the perfect Street shoe. I hope this helps

  2. Aye lol let us know how they fit i was going to scoop next week (payday) hopefully i didnt let the secret out and there all gone lol

  3. For your fun to read and to shed some light on the Ignite foam:
    Basically it is the same formula as Boost.
    Here it feels dense and Bounce-like because it is not very thick.
    Actually it was the gigant -not so nice- chemical company BASF who came up with this material. And at that time they cooperated with Puma but then changed direction and decided to go with Adidas as the distributer for their tech of course for larger profit because Puma simply has not the same recources.
    Puma took their knowledge of the formula to the U.S. company Huntsman.
    You change one useless tiny bit of the original formular and are allowed to sell it as your own. Which in this case is kind of understandable. Depends on your perspective of course.
    Try out the Ignite 1000 shoe. It’s the thickest form of Ignite. And there you have that feeling that is now known and loved by many as the Adidas “Ultraboost”-feeling. Got that one for 60€ in an Puma Outlet.
    No one of both companys could have developed that material on their own no matter what their PR guys might say. They both made a pact with the devil, sorry i meant BASF, and one company got chosen over the other.
    Puma is historically bad at marketing. Ok they did something right with Bolt and the whole track and field stuff but you can tell that it’s true because i haven’t seen a single post on any sneaker site about the Puma NRGY shoe which also sports the same optics for the foam material als the Boost soles.
    Keeping that in mind it’s not really any out of the usual that Puma stuff goes on sale faster than anyone can recognize the original release. Bad for them. Good for us as consumers if we dig the look we can have the feeling for half the price 🙂
    But of course Adidas got the whole look thing on lock since the Superstar first came out and not since everybody started to bash Nike. 🙂

    Puma NRGY:

    Puma Ignite 1000s:

    1. Thanks for the info i will cop an Ignite 1000. Puma’s reluctant marketing campaign of the NRGY might have been due to the legal actions between Adidas and Puma.

      Bit off, but do you happen to know anything (or experience) about Reebok’s new TPU cushion (its in Reebok Harmony Road)?

      1. Hi Jay,

        you are totally right about the legal actions between Adidas and Puma. The last decision by a court in Düsseldorf half a year ago was in favour of Puma. It reads something like if you had to do with developing something you actually can’t be sued for copying the very same material. It was the second instance with the same result. There is a third possibility for Adidas to sue them again and they said they are thinking about that but i guess they know by now that the outcome won’t change.
        Maybe Puma is waiting till Adidas officially stops thinking about a third time in court. But right now legally there is nothing that would stop Puma from doing any kind of marketing.
        I guess history repeats itself. Puma is a company that always had really great ideas along the way no doubt about that but obviously others had more creativity when it come to marketing.
        As Far as the Reebook foam goes i really have no idea at all. 🙂
        Since Reebok is still owend by Adidas my guess would be chances are good that it is the same stuff. The fact that it has a different color and a different form would be the way i would do it if i own both companies. But i really have no clue on that one..just guessing.

    2. Wow! That is interesting. Thanks for the info. I need to check out some Puma models then. I used to wear the old school stuff back in high school but some of the casual models were just too flat and uncomfortable. Ignite sounds like it might help a lot with that issue.

      1. Hi Trezz,
        Puma has come a long way from the Clyde to the Ignite, just like Adidas with their Superstars to their Boost Models.
        I have the utmost respect for the basketball players back in the days that actually played Ball in something like the Superstar or far worse in some Chucks, and they still played great. There is no way around admitting it that the generations before us where simply hardcore and we are not. 🙂
        I can’t walk around in my old Superstars without me feet start hurting…and they have some supersmooth insole from some skateboard shoe a can’t remember. You see my body and my brain are a mess. Those Ignite 1000 shoes i wear on a daily basis help my old joints. By the way they have a 12mm drop.

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