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My Top 5 Performance Aspects to Look Forward to in The Kobe 9 Elite

My Top 5 Performance Aspects to Look Forward to in The Kobe 9 Elite

The list of things that most of us aren’t looking forward to with the upcoming Kobe 9 Elite is short and sweet. The 2 month wait until they release and that $225 price tag. This is the Elite version, not sure why they’ve decided to start with the Elite, and there will be a non-Elite model eventually which will be lower cut but for now we will be focusing on the shoe that releases first.

Now, what are my Top 5 performance aspects that I’m looking forward to? Take a look…

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  1. we want top 10 list

  2. colorways
    not realy a performance aspect to look forward to xD
    not trying to offend u
    love you nw keep up the good work

  3. Wasn’t max zoom first shown on the lebron x

    • KLO vs Bruce Lee Bron

      Yes and after that it was put in the Air Zoom Max Hyperflight which has a totaly dfferent fit than the Bronson, in a good cuase the materials are so different.

  4. One day u will be so big
    U wont be abke to chat with us like this

  5. could there be fuse underlays? just like the kobe 8?

  6. No hyper fuse reinforcement? That’s bold nike IMO.

    I will say as for lebrons advancement in newest tech.

    They introduced milk crate technology with the lebron solders I believe?

    Hyper fuse flywire in the 9′s
    Zoom max in the 10′s
    And lunar zoom in the 11′s

    As for Kobe I wanna say they introduced nike free in basketball for the 2′s
    Flywire 2.0 in the 5′s
    That fabric like last (forgot the name of it) in the 6′s
    8′s introduced engineered mesh

    If I’m incorrect someone feel to help me out

    • I agree with the Max Zoom, I forgot about that, but everything else listed was proven tech before placing it on the LeBron shoe. Kobe’s have always pushed boundaries, LeBron’s do not for the most part.

      • Can you give an example of what you mean for Kobe besides the 9′s

        • Engineered mesh on a hoop shoe – Kobe 8, Modular System w/ tongue/ “support system” – Kobe 7, Skinwire + PU Coated Scale upper – Kobe 6, Skinwire – Kobe 5, Low cut + Flywire & Lunar Foam – Kobe 4. Kobe 4′s and OG Hyperdunk released around the same time and the materials were not proven to work… Lunar foam bombed actually which is why they went back and created Lunarlon. Torch upper – Kobe 3, Free-like outsole, Kobe 2 & the Kobe 1 was nothing special… just a 2k5 with Kobe’s name on it.

          These all debuted something. Besides the Max Zoom, I don’t recall what a LeBron shoe debuted… only borrowed.

          • Dynamic flywire for the 10′s as well

          • Dynamic Flywire was introduced on the Hyperdunk 2012.

          • Nguyen-Luan Nguyen

            We see clearly why Kobe is about performance to an extent of taking chance of being innovative route.

            Another thing to note even though it is irrelevant, NightWing.
            It looks like except for the 3 and pending on the standard 9 as well, there is always Carbon Fiber/Carbon Fiber composite in the line usually as a shank plate, heel counter for the past elites and now as support pieces for the 9 Elite.

            Jokingly, Kobe prefers carbon fiber in his shoes.

  7. lets just hope we get more than 2 Laker colorways this time around like we did with the Kobe 8!!??….hopefully the PEs Kobe wears wont be the shoes everyone wants but cant get?…smh….THAT WUZ THE ONLY DOWNFALL WITH THE KOBE 8….LAKER COLORWAYZ!…LOL..seriously tho…how many Kobe 8 colorways had “Orange/Crimson Red/Chall Red” basically “ORANGE” to the untrained sneakerhead…lol…smh..like 12 or 13?..ri DICK ulous!…

  8. From the page 2 of this, it seems that the lunarlon midsole from the kobe 9 has gotten a little bit thicker than the previous model of the kobe 8, what do you think nightwing? It maybe slightly thicker than the lebron 11′s insole, and the kobe 9 insole may give you springy and responsive cushioning set up, I think it might be better than the kobe 8′s because it’s thicker and more better? What do you think nightwing??

  9. now i sorta figured it out. the kobe 9 elite comes with flyknit the the regular kobe 9 comes with engineered mesh. im not sure, i may be wrong but i feel it lol. if i am wrong dont judge me, cuz i said I MAY BE WRONG.

  10. i have a feeling that those are gonna be colorful don,t u think NW

  11. i have a feeling that those are gonna be colorful don’t u think NW

  12. Hey Nightwing!! Im afraid with the heel cup/carbon placement, it’s too low on the shoe, looks like when you’ll strike with your heel you wont have any flexiblility. because unlike all the other Nike shoes (like jordan XX8) or even Adidas Sprintframe, that protection isn’t placed above the midsole but “on” the midsole…
    what do you think about it???

    thanks for all of your infos you’re doing a great job!!!!

    • I think since the midsole is placed on top of the frame that you may compress into the lunarlon midsole just enough for it to work. Plus I think that the CF cup is placed on the outside of all the components so it should never touch the foot, just support it. I could be wrong though, we’ll have to wait to find out.

      • hope you’ll be right, reminds me of the jordan XX3 cluncky heel feel because of the molded TPU on the midsole (one of my favorite bball shoe though)

        thanks for your answer sir!

  13. Are you a fan on flyknit as a whole? pros/cons?

  14. they sold the kobe 4-8 on lines “just as supportive as a high/mid” and that a “low can be supportive too”. now we get this high high high shoe…. tsk

  15. any info on the low cut versions? i wouldnt really be playing hoops on high tops like those

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