Li-Ning Turningpoint 2


Li-Ning continues to grow their designs with what is being called the Turningpoint 2.

We did see a model that was dubbed the Turningpoint 001 but those may be an Evan Turner signature – as they featured his logo atop the tongue – while this pair looks to remain neutral with player branding. One thing I find intriguing is the upgrades they’ve made with their Bounse technology found in the heel… it looks reminiscent of Nike’s SHOX.

Take a look at let me know what you think. Did you purchase a pair of the original Turningpoint sneakers and if you did, how did you like them on-court?





  1. Initially, I thought about the original hyperdunk/kobe 3 when I saw it. But the picture after the jump reveals a pretty interesting “checkered” look.

    Can’t wait to see better pictures though. Somewhat excited for this company as they grow.

  2. yea i cant wait to see more pictures! i love my original turningpoints…very fun to play in. li-ning is freakishly underrated…seriously people gotta give them a try on court!

  3. The original turningpoint is a beast on court. Very lightweight, good fit, great traction and great cushion. By the photos above it lookslike the new gen may be lackin some in ventilation dept compared to the previous model. Besides the carbon fiber look-like shankplate was absent as well got me a lil worried. Hope they stay ‘beasty’ and maybe offer XDR version 🙂

  4. if you are looking very close there are two diferent shoes.first shoes are turning point 2 and the secound is diferent.possible Wade next shoe

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