@LetsGoWarriors Spots Possible Upcoming Curry 3ZER0 Builds

Well, the Warriors took another L last night, leaving the West up for grabs. However, all is not lost, because credentialed journalist and beatwriter @LetsGoWarriors spotted multiple Curry 3ZER0s in the Roaracle locker room.

Of course, we know that the scavenger hunt exclusive gold/white Curry 3ZER0s won’t be hitting retail (they’ve already hit eBay for outrageous sums), but three other colorways could be coming for the spring — and they all look pretty Dub Nation.

We’ve still got a couple months until the Curry 3ZER0 hits retail shelves — May 1 for $120 at Under Armour brand Houses, UA.com, and select retailers nationwide — but these locker room finds may give us an idea of what to expect from the silhouette.

Are you excited for the Curry 3ZER0? Fan of any of these builds? I will reserve judgment until we get clearer images.

under armour curry 3ZER0 locker room





  1. Eh…. I think the Curry line is in need of a stylist to go with the performance aspects. The shoes are looking too similar IMO.

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