Le Coq Sportif Celebrates Bastille Day With This R1000

Yes, we all know ‘Murica is red, white, and blue. Well, before America was a country the French had blue, white, and red. For July 14, Bastille Day, Le Coq Sportif has a gorgeous R1000 planned.

July 14, the French National Day, commemorates the storming of the Bastille, a prison-fortress in Paris, in 1789 by the general populace that wanted gunpowder, ammunition, and to liberate their political representatives. The storming of the Bastille is one of the most infamous acts of revolution against an absolutist monarchy ever.

To celebrate this historic day, this Le Coq Sportif R1000 ‘Fête Nationalé’ gets lathered in premium leathers and is made in France. Blue and red were the colors of Paris, and white was the color of royalty, thus, the French blue, white, and red three-striped flag. Perforated Dress Blue leather at the toebox, Biking Red leather from the midfoot to the heel, and white leather at the tongue and inner lining make this shoe supremely premium.

It is very unlikely that the Le Coq Sportif R1000 ‘Fête Nationalé’ will land Stateside so if you want to cop, hit Hanon here. EU sizes 40-45 are available for £99.00 (approx. $129 USD).

Thoughts on this commemorative shoe? Hit the comments.

Le Coq Sportif R1000 Fete Nationalé 3

Le Coq Sportif R1000 Fete Nationalé 1

Le Coq Sportif R1000 Fete Nationalé 2

Le Coq Sportif R1000 Fete Nationalé 4

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      1. Truth is I like the fact you’re trying french and you’re responding to people 😉 I also do like this article that’s why I felt it was interesting to contribute by giving the right name for the shoe (even if that’s not that important but we are passionate arent we?)… “nationalé” sounds very much spanish like and “reste calme” is kind of rude so (and misspelled)… Other than that we’re good to go like our friend Nightwing d say. La bise de Toulouse, tout de bon, restons calmes

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