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Kobe Bryant Talks the Nike Kobe 9 with Complex Sneakers

While attending the Nike Kobe 9 Elite unveiling, Russ Bengston of Complex Sneakers was able to sit down with Kobe Bryant and go over some of the aspects that are featured within the Kobe 9 along with a few things to look forward to.

One thing that I picked up on is that Kobe said “we don’t want to be in the Retro business; we still want to continue to innovate”… so I wouldn’t expect anything else to release in Retro form as far as his first 8 signatures are concerned once the 9 drops.

Check out the video below and be sure to check out Complex Sneakers for more info.

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  1. You can tell that the Kobe is pretty involved because he actually sounds like he knows what he
    wants and knows how to speak in the proper terms. Avar is lucky in that regard.

  2. Very interesting indeed! Kobe does have a point on the part of boxing since a boxer needs his shoe to to move with him especially if being stepped by the opponent. Kobe sure did a masterpiece with Nike on this one and Im sure Im getting my pair right away!

  3. Unfortunately I know I will look like a goof in the elites so I will have to wait for the regular version.

  4. KLO vs. Bruce Lee Bron

    i just got caught up wathcing one of the uptop videos and between J and Naz its Naz. Jay Z look like Lakers Pig Miller. Peeps tested Naz He didnt test peeps he responded and smoked those who stepped up. Jay Z whent cheeky and got That Top 40 Anglo Ear. Naz Stayed True Ruff Rugged and Raw.

  5. Ive always wondered what Russ Bengston looks like. Grew up reading his articles in SLAM and was a huge fan of his writing style…

    Kobe mentions at the beginning of the video that everybody was catching on to the low top….. But who is “everybody”? It seems like only Nike has really run with the low. Can anybody name another brand that did a high profile low top bball shoe lately?

    • Same here – except for the what does he look like part – and then in NY I met him and ate lunch w the guy lol.

      The CP3 line went low, the Rose 2 went low and then they just made low versions of the original. There are other shoes but those are just what I can remember off top.

  6. I will try them, but I just don’t know man, the flyknit scares the (*#$ outta me, I’m not gonna be able to drop a new pair everygame….or at the half for that matter if they get “loose”.

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