Kids Sized Air Jordan 12 Retro Deconstructed

It’s no secret that most kids sized shoes do not feature the same tech that the Men’s versions do. What exactly is inside these kids versions has been speculated by some, but today, gives us the answer — at least for the Air Jordan 12 Retro in kids sizes.

The upper and tongue are similar in build and construction to that of the Men’s counterpart…

…As are the basics that are featured inside the shoe’s tooling. You can see here the insole which is the first thing your foot rests on.

This is the strobel board. Again, normal shoe construction. This is what is sewn onto the upper and then glued onto the midsole tooling.

Ah, finally. The guts. By now it should be common knowledge — for those into sneakers — that the Air Jordan 12 features full-length Zoom Air cushion. However, the grade school sizes feature heel Air.

The Air unit is encased within an EVA pad for a little extra comfort.

The carbon fiber spring plate is a different size and shape than the Men’s build — still suitable for on-court use.

The outsole is smaller, but the overall design and build is the same.

Just for reference, a side-by-side comparison of the Men’s (below) Air Jordan 12 and the Kids (top) Air Jordan 12 is pictured below.

If you wear kids sizes you’ve already felt the steady jump in price as the larger sized GS pairs can retail for up to $150 or more — and you’re not getting too much out of it; just a heel Air unit and a shoe that looks like the Air Jordan 12.


Source: FastPass



  1. I never thought about the kids size before. They could have at least left the full length air. SMH.

    1. well I guess Nike/JB is trying to justify the half price difference. but then we got shoes with worse cushion that cost more. I got fed up with what Nike is doing. and because of my desperate attempt of having atleast a good cushion for my shoes that I resorted to buying actual zoom air cushions for $5 a pair.

  2. Alittle bit better than the foamposite… A lot better, now coming to think of it, as the Kid’s Koamposite has nothing… But still…
    Great job as always!

    1. what do you mean better? the foamposite ones and pros have good zoom air on them. although the 12s are much pleasing aesthetically.

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