Jordan Super.Fly Performance Review

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Traction – The traction is very good once you get past its pesky break-in period. From front to back its ample enough for the quickest Guards yet strong enough for the most powerful Power Forwards. If you needed additional coverage then you have it with the herringbone traction pods which are strategically placed at your pressure points ensuring premium coverage no matter what maneuvers you pull on your opponent.


Cushion – This area starts out a little awkward. The heels Zoom Air is noticeably softer than the Lunarlon forefoot when first taken out on-court. After 5 or so hours you will begin to break-in the Lunarlon enough to even the feeling out all the while the Phylon midsole is breaking in… once it’s all complete you will have absorbent cushion in the heel which offers you some energy return along with the even impact distribution properties of Lunarlon.


Material – This type of Fuse is unique. I’ve only seen this done on this model and it looks as if we may end up getting it placed along the upper of the upcoming Jordan CP3.VI – which is great. The three layers that make up Fuse are in place but it’s almost as if they have been melted together making it feel as if you are wearing a sturdy mesh rather than wearing plastic layers with mesh windows. While the material will start out stiff, they will break-in over time yet remain as durable as any other Fuse on the market.


Fit – They fit true to size. The forefoot is a bit snug due to the thick inner liner & tongue that makes up the partial sleeve. While some may find this an issue initially – if you are wide footed then you may need a ½ size up – it gets better over time and almost gives you a custom fit as your forefoot won’t move whatsoever. Heel lockdown lacks greatly unless you lace these all the way up to the top eyelet. If you wear a brace then you should be fine using the secondary eyelet.


Ventilation – The Super.Fly has ventilation slits within the upper along with mesh on the tongue but it’s not very well ventilated. I found this to be a good thing as the heat and moisture that was trapped inside helped move along the break-in period and makes the material wrap around your foot as it softens up a bit. Since the air flow is in place – even if minimal – it helps reduce heat enough to where the materials will be able to retain their shape in-game unlike the Jordan Melo M8.


Support – The overall fit will offer you plenty of support… all the additional features are just bonuses. Carbon Fiber is place at the midfoot adding some rigidness at the arch so you don’t over flex. At the heel you have an internal heel cup plus an exterior heel clip; if you lace your shoes up all the way then your heel will be drawn into this area and kept secure by the TPU used. Under foot you have a widened based so stability is increased as well.


Overall – All things considered, these are a great on-court option if you are looking to have plenty of tech inside of a moderately priced package. Lunarlon, Zoom Air, Carbon Fiber & Fuse are all featured here for $140 and it all just happens to work well together making the Jordan Super.Fly one of the better performance models to come from Jordan Brand this year. Whether you are a PG or a PF, these will suit your needs.


Jordan Super.Fly Performance Teaser Pt. 1
Jordan Super.Fly Performance Teaser Pt. 2




  1. can you please do a review on the new hyperfuse? IMO they changed a lot of stuff and actually put a midfoot shank in the inside.

    1. I think they had an internal midfoot shank as well in the 2011’s. They just didnt say it though.

      Yeah, the new Hyperfuse is much more rigid, basically its stronger compared to the older models.

        1. do you reccomend the jordan super fly, air jordan 2012, jordan fly wade 2 ev, or the nike zoom soldier 6

        2. What editions are these (Im buying these) I just wanted to know what edition you have right now for those shoes cause I want the exact pair

          1. OR also known as the rttg. version (I Dont really know what that stands for) You could watch the performance teasers or the performance review videos as he says the model

      1. does the zoom air in the heel and lunarlon in the forefoot better than full length lunarlon or zoom air in the forefoot and heel?

  2. The new camera was crystal clear but i had to turn my speakers up much louder than usual, but still another great review. On another note do you know when the Gold Medal Kobe vii are coming out? Thanks

    1. I agree with Dominic on the volume. Also noticed that every time you showed the white sole of the shoe, you couldn’t see the traction until you moved the shoe closer to the camera. Finally, this new camera doesn’t have that annoying background sound that is caused by the auto zoom your old camera has.

      Another great review, seeing if I can get them online. Cheers

  3. Hey Nightwing,
    Always enjoy your reviews. Are you planning on reviewing the Jordan 2012 Lites? I was excited that they were releasing a lighter ‘performance’ version of the 2012s. But when I saw them at the store, they looked like a teardown version with alot of the quality lost. And without any sort of hype or advertisement, I wonder if JB didn’t put much effort into it either. I was wondering if you had a chance to look through the differences, and whether you thought they were worth buying. Thanks.

      1. Here in Europe the regular Super.Fly will cost you 140 euro’s (The RTTG are 150), somewhat comparable to what it retails for in Usd’s, but for the 2012 Lite you’ll have to cough up 180 euro’s. Ridiculous…

  4. I’m thinkin about gettin the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk Elite even tho u didn’t review them what do u think about them?

  5. great review as usual.
    some suggestion : turn down the contrast on the camera a bit, or using different color table top to film a shoes that are in high contrast color (like this one, black and white)

    1. Its just the cameras ability to take in light. I will turn the lighting down that i usually use. They said this camera does well in low lighting… Didnt think it would glow in good lighting lol.

      1. yeah, it captured the detail in the dark area pretty well, and it handles the close up shot like a boss. yet it blew out the white, tone down the light might work =)

  6. Got my first practice tonight and I will be wearing these babies. Thanks for yet another great review.

  7. Quick question… for a faster guard who prefers faster and responsive shoes… do u recommend lunarlon or zoom air.. Im choosing between the hyperdunk 2012 and soom soldier 6 but I cant try on the hyperdunk before I buy

  8. in your review of the kd4, you rated the cushioning as a 5/10, but mentioned that it can be enhanced via nike id. so if you were to have the midsole softer, what rating would you have given it? would it have affected that performance aspect of the shoe?

  9. from the picture above, the ventilation looks like some of the holes are cover. can u feel air passing through it?

  10. Great review, how do these compare to the Air Jordan 2012? Say, if you had a “Fly over” insole with the low cut bootie against these Super Fly’s? It seems there’s the addition of Lunarlon foam in the forefoot here but apparently there’s no Flywire in these, whereas there is definitely Flywire in the 2012’s? Would you say it makes a significant difference in keeping your foot steady and providing support/stability while moving? Or does the Lunarlon foam and Zoom heel unit make this a more comfortable, protection wise option as opposed to Zoom in both the heel and forefoot? Since they both have Phylon midsoles and the same(or very similar) carbon fiber torsional rigidity plates to prevent over extension of your foot, I’d like to see how they compare in each other against their strengths and weaknesses.
    Sorry for the long list of questions, just would like to know how they go against each other. Would you reccommend both of them to quick guards and forwards?
    Thanks, and keep up the reviews!

  11. Hey nightwing im a 5-9 guard and i was wondering which shoes should i get, i like shoes that have good cushioning and good traction. I was thinking on the adizero 2.5 but than i saw this shoe with the carbon fiber plate on the bottom which i like personally. So im still confused on which one to get i play outdoors and indoors, plz recomend me a shoe for both outdoor and indoor? Thank you

  12. Hey @nightwing2303 great review as always you give the best review because you play and you help people for that same reason so I was just wondering if you could help me find a shoe that is best for me the Jordan superfly,Jordan 2012 lites and or the cp3 6s I’m 5’3 point guard I’m a freshmen haha and my tryouts are in a few days I really need your help I’m going to shop in a couple of days please and thanks..

  13. Hey Nightwing, always enjoy your reviews and videos. I was just wondering if you are the same size in the Melo M8’s for the SuperFly’s. I’m going to order a pair and not sure which to go with. Thanks man, and keep up the great videos!

  14. Nightwing, I played in these for about 9 indoor games and a few outdoor pickups and they are a little uncomftorable. Whenever I crossed over it would bother my ankle a little. I am sort of a low top guy so would rather stick with my Kobe 6’s or my Crazy Light Lows.
    I was just wondering if I should get the CP3 .VI or another pair of Kobe 6’s

  15. I’m considering these, rose 3.0’s, cp3 vi’s or kd v. guard play. wide somewhat flat foot. need some cushioning but i play on my toes and really like to push they ball so constantly running. want something responsive and aggressive but forgiving on the knees. dont use braces but like snug fit. last played with 2.5s then rose 1.0’s and the latter is just not cushioned enough. feet always ache after games. any suggestions?

    1. my feet are the same way after games, Try the hyperdunk 2012 or the lebron p.s elite they are cushioned immensely

      1. @Jeffrey – Thnx for suggestion. The ps elite are really nice but a little out of my budget (my knees dont like this short term thinking) and they didn’t have the hyperdunk 2012s where i was so I went with the’s. I tried the Rose 3.0 michigan ave’s in store and just didn’t feel that special. I think the harder cushioning, and the fact that ive been wearing the rose series for a while made me want to try something new. Im also embarrassed that the Rose and Shumpert injuries have affected my mind about Adidas products lately and coincidentally all my worst ankle sprains are with Adidas shoes but no problems with Rose line other than really sore metatarsals. Anyhow-I’m looking forward to the Li-Ning Way of Wade’s & KD V’s (but maybe will wait until the elites version comes out). I’m curious to see if I’ll have the heel slip of the CPs when I play on court but I wear 2 socks and house wear has been ok so far. It might be the Rose 4’s before I give Adidas another try although the Howards last year were pretty great.

  16. What’s a better buy? The Air Jordan 2012 Lite from Finishline for $84 or the Super.Fly’s for $84 from Nike’s website?

  17. HEY NIGHTWING!!!!!!!!! Do the Jordan Super.Fly lows perform like this? And why? Cus like I’m choosing between this and the CP3.6 ae.
    And like, which would you choose between the two? Super.Fly Lows or CP3.6 ae?

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