Jordan Super.Fly 2 Black/ Bright Crimson/ Red – White – Detailed Look

We have a detailed look at one of the more popular colorways featured on the upcoming Jordan Super.Fly 2.

They look like your traditional Black/ Red combination but Bright Crimson ends up making a guest appearance throughout the shoe – giving them an extra pop. These have already begun to hit overseas retailers but those of us Stateside must remain a little more patient as they aren’t due out in stores until this Fall season.

Take a look at the detailed imaged below and stay tuned for more info as it comes.









Via FootSell



  1. These look really awesome. Kind of looks like the Jordan XX8 without the sleeves. But I guess these would be less expensive.

  2. i personally don’t like this colorway, will the green and purple that BG32 used in the all-star game release?

  3. yo nw, im from Hong Kong and these have hit shelves alredi. Personally im waiting for the grey to arrive, but having tried these, i can confirm how amazing the humongous zoom unit feels underfoot.

    altho i havent tried the xx8 yet, im pretty sure the responsive feeling u get in the superfly2 is pretty similar.

    1. Dude, you are such a liar. Quit trying to trick the shoe boss NW. If its true give me a link of u holding the shoe.

      1. nice try. i got a few things to say to you:

        1. Quit kissing NW’s ass.
        2. I don’t need to prove anything to you – try it on yourself when the Superfly 2 arrives in the US, and you’ll know i’m right.
        3. I’ll be too busy hooping in them to take a photo for you.

        1. Jason, you decided to buy a pair? what position do you play, and are these right for your style of play? let us know how they perform! 🙂

          1. hey tadatsune, i play SG or SF, primarily as a shooter, thats why i need more forefoot cushion than heel.

            will gettem as soon as the grey comes out! ;D

          2. Jason- looks like you play the same positions/style as me, i take a lot of pull-up jumpers, too, but do a fair amount of slashing as well…
            i saw the grey/blue SF2s in the wan chai jordan store yesterday and admiralty gigasports this afternoon, just a heads-up

  4. uh, to ‘stephen rice’ above, a bunch of us in hong kong have posted over the last two or three days about the super fly 2 being available here. no need to be so hostile.

    1. hey jason/tadatsune since u guys have the superfly 2(in shoes) how the traction look in person? and do there fit true to size? thanks guys!! to this clown “stephen rice” grow up!! anyways the traction looks better then cp3…….i’m glad to see people buying brand jordan shoes (not just retros) i have melos m9/cp3/xx8 and these are a amazing shoes!!!!

      1. the traction is nuts, man, but it’s really not the same kind of shoe if you like playing in the CP3 (which i do, they are one of my very favorites), which is much lower to the ground. i don’t have the SF2s yet, gonna try them on again today and decide if i’m gonna pick them up over the crazyquicks or the KDVIs. i’ll post more later if i decide to pick up a pair this afternoon, which would probably mean that i will play in them tomorrow…

  5. Hey I’m from HK too and it’s TRUE that these and the blue/grey one are already on shelve! But I gotta say from just trying these on, I don’t really get the superior responsive feeling that a zoom unit with that sizes will give me:( maybe they will when I actually play in them, but I can’t feel it when I was at the store. But the fit is amazing, even better that my penny 5 I should say.

    1. by the way, the rubber is XDR on these. (or at least it is on what they’re selling is here in HK)

      1. i think that has to do with the fact that the version that we’re getting in hong kong is labelled ‘ 2X’ on the box…

  6. in case you guys in the States don’t know, new kicks are usually sold in authorized Nike/Adidas outlets in Hong Kong or Taiwan way before they hit the US.

    1. that isn’t really true, man, generally speaking the release dates are around the same, except for certain models (the CP3s- for the most part at least- release earlier here, as well as other JB signature models). some come out much later, like the Crazyquicks, which arrived on shelves about two and a half months after the american release date…what’s more, there are lots of colorways that we don’t get, for whatever reason, about half the Kobe 8 colorways didn’t make it here, really saddening

    1. You are calling other people stupid because shoes get release in China first? Sounds like you need to ask the first person you come across to beat some sense into that hollow head of yours.

  7. Really want this colourway but still no date for them here yet. Can’t even find any HK based sites that will ship them. I can’t find a contact/translate option on the footsell website.

  8. These are in hong kong already, the traction is insane, super aggressive and strong. I don’t know about the US but its kinda expensive in hk.

    1. how much are they? I’ll try to call a close associate of mine if she could ship me one from there asap. these thrill me a lot compared to the xx8 where the cushion is the only thing that I liked.

        1. thanks man. price aint so bad after all considering this shoe falling just slightly below the xx8 category.

  9. Confirmed they are out in China, Hong Kong, but not Taiwan. Just got back from a business trip and picked up a pair in Shanghai.

    1. Just my 2 cents: Great shoes NW wasn’t kidding about the fore foot zoom, your really feel it. Great response, had the feeling of jumping higher (no did not actually test it, just rim jumps).

      BUT!! after 2hrs of playing the definite feeling of no zoom in the heal forced me to switch back to the new hyperdunks. Not sure what type of cushioning is in the heel of the SuperFly 2 or lack of, but after 2hrs of playing my heel is a little sore and during play I could feel the contact when landing during layups/rebounds. (6’1″ 80kg, guard)

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