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Jordan Prime Flight

Jordan Brand plans to bring you modern performance with classic tooling as seen on the Jordan Prime Flight.

Dynamic Flywire is used in along with ballistic mesh, leather and an upgraded outsole that takes inspiration from the AJX. Not sure what cushion will be used but it’ll likely be full length Air or heel and forefoot Zoom. I actually like these. Not casually but on-court they look like a shoe that’d I prefer to hoop in versus the new school plastic/ TPU based shoes.

Share your thoughts on the Jordan Prime Flight in the comment section below and let me know what you think.

Jordan Prime Flight

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32 Comments on Jordan Prime Flight

  1. nice shoes i like the pattern in the outsole haha….. love this site i visit it everyday haha keep up the goodwork NW

  2. I actually like these. I like how they used the flywire.

  3. With Jordan’s if it is full length air it will say AIR close to the forgot on the midsole I dig these however they usually use zoom in their fusion projects such as these

  4. I meant to say forefoot lol when i said forgot

  5. looks to me like a remake of the melo 8…but in a good way.

  6. Yeah i agree with you on the melo thing a lot better looking though the melo 8 was so plasticy some ventilation holes would of helped not only the ventilation but the design is mell thats why i favored the advance they made ,i like how the outsole looks its like half retro jordan outsole and half modern herringbone

  7. It even looks a little like the melo b-more sneaker too now that you mention it lol

  8. perfect winter Hightop

  9. Yeah these look good for balling in boston weather that kills me in the fall way too inconsistent i cant imagine wearing a pair of kobe 8s or kd’s out here lol

  10. i love playing in the air jordan x. The cushion isnt very responsive, but its mushy and super comfortable.

  11. NW, I was curious about the hyperquickness and I want to ask if the shoe will be fine without carbon or a tpu plastic thing on the bottom. Does it really matter?

  12. You should do a top 10 ever performance list ^.^

  13. Outsole is the exact same as the olympias i had awhile back

  14. I like how Jordan Brand is improving their designs as well. These would look good on court.

  15. Like a mix of Jordan X and Melo M8 😀

  16. The pat leather heel taking away from the design. I’d have to pass on this colorway at least.

  17. When time comes that you’re starting to doubt your instinct when it comes to choosing the best shoe for you. Nightwing is always there to help. Hes got an awsome site and the best reviews to help you out.

  18. Basketballneverstops002 // September 22, 2013 at 12:19 pm // Reply

    This is a question for anyone but it does have to do with this post. How would it feel to put the kobe 8 lurnerlon Cushing in the 2013 hyperdunks, it seems like it could be a good idea I just want to know someone’s opion?

  19. Nice shoes. Old-school look and materials. I would really like to see a black&white colourway.

  20. I’m a serious sucker for shoes like these, sign me up!

  21. Interesting its different I like it tho.

  22. They couldhave easily made this the 10.0 andppl would buy it up. I like them quite a bit. Nightwing, been gone a while now quick question. I know you probably get sick of answering but like I said been gone a while….what happend to the jordan project? Last one was the XV inlike…june or july? just wondering…sorry if the questionpisses you off

  23. Why does everyone one keep saying they look like the melo 8 they don’t anything like them they look like a revised aj10 the did the same with aj8 and aj7

  24. Jordan 8.0 and for the aj7 they made the true flights which are a revised version of aj7

  25. dont forget the aj2.0 max

  26. Totally forgot thanks Robert 😀

  27. Yo those counterfeiters have gotten to a new low of ripping people off I saw the aj5 with the nike lebron 8 ps sole

  28. Unrelated comment nice

  29. Kevin aka kprizzy // January 14, 2014 at 10:12 am // Reply

    Aye i was gonna cop these in white. I’m not sure if I should get the super fly 2 though?

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