Jordan Melo M9


The Jordan Melo M8 was an awesome performance shoe no matter what position you play on the court and now we have a first look at the Jordan Melo M9.

They look incredible from a performance standpoint – in my opinion. The Flywire cables have been retooled to work independently from the rest of the midfoot which should harness your foot without restriction and while retaining the overall fit and support throughout the course of a game. I like what I see so far & take look at that heel Zoom unit!

No word on a potential release as of now but stay tuned for more info in the future.





  1. i liked the max zoom unit in the lebron 7 ps. i liked it better than an air max. its similar to an encapsulated air but springy-er. M9 looks like a hurache. looks to be a good outdoor shoe too. funny looking though.

    1. Agreed on the funny looking part. I didnt like the zm in the lebron 7 PS though… Too mushy without much support and made them feel unstable upon heel to toe strikes.

  2. Those are crazy! It’s almost huarache eschew but the upper is thin like the AJ IX. Very cool. Heel zoom is visible again?!!! Yes!

  3. I was hoping the M9 would get a touch of Fuse tech. Wish these would not go for more than $135. The outsole is still white like all the M8’s (‘cept for the blackouts)? Overall, not bad. At least the Jumpman logo is not out of place. These would be performance beasts for sure! Can’t wait!

    1. Im glad they left Fuse off of them and attempted to improve existing tech for a change like they used to when nike was in charge. Thats just me personally though, id rather see you fail trying than not try at all.

      1. Yeah, at least by ditching Fuse, the price could stay around 135. Finally a first implementation/something new for the Melo line!

  4. Melo line always performed.Interesting how they implement Flywire, its more Flywire Harness, buckles, or straps. Even very large Zoom Air Bags in the heel and forefoot, based on that image can you say the shoe might be low profile, NightWing?

    1. Based on the size of the heel zoom it wont be “low profile” like a guard shoe but should be enough for a guard should one choose to play in them.

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