The Jordan Melo M13 Comes in Red

We’ve yet to hear anything about the upcoming Jordan Melo M13 here in the States, but overseas shoppers may already have access to two colorways.

The Black/Gold version of the shoe looked great, and now there is a tonal red version floating around. I still like how the shoe looks overall. The only thing I would have done differently is make the spike overlays a matte finish instead of the clear and glossy look. Otherwise, they look solid from my perspective. Hopefully they’re just as solid on-court.

Take a quick look at the tonal red Jordan Melo M13 and stay tuned for U.S. launch information once it becomes available.





  1. do these all red shoes ever sell? this looks so terrible I cant imagine ppl will actually buy that even on a clearance rack

    1. If Kanye wears them and they are limited, they sell out and get resold for $1,000s like with the “Red October” a few years ago. Otherwise, no I don’t think they do.

  2. ugly colorway. atleast the blacks hide the ugliness of the shoe. but still the blacks aren’t really that nice in real life.

  3. I was at this shop last weekend. It’s located in Shibuya, Tokyo. I had a look at the black color way it was dope in my humble opinion.

  4. The shiny-plastic looks awful, and this picture really puts in question how supportive those uppers are, the Black/Gold made it look more like the m7-m9, this one looks much more like the m12(which had no upper support, especially for bigger, and more explosive guys).

  5. I think the red M12’s with the gum bottom looked better than these. I’m really interested in how these perform though. I loved the M12, and preferred playing in it to many of the more highly regarded shoes from last year(Curry 2, Rose 6, Lillard 2) that I tried. Hoping these will perform similar but have a softer heel. They’ll be a definite cop for me if they do.

  6. Let me tell yall what I think about the M13 – what we see here is gonna be a killer performer… Mark my words and let’s wait for NW’s review..

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