The Jordan Jumpman Pro Will Make Another Comeback in 2017

Jordan Brand plans on bringing back the first ever Team shoe from the vault — the Jordan Jumpman Pro.

If you’ve been following me since the beginning then you already know what this means to me. The Black/Red version of this shoe was the first sneaker I ever purchased for myself. I saved up money all summer long in order to afford the $109.99 original retail price.

Back in 1997, the Jumpman Pro was the very first non-signature Jordan branded sneaker. It retailed for a bit less than the Air Jordan 12, $150, but didn’t skimp on any tech features. Much like the AJ12, the Jumpman Pro featured a carbon fiber spring plate, full-length Zoom Air, herringbone traction, full grain leather, and the metal lace buckle at the collar.

Jordan Brand released a poor Retro version of the shoe in 2009 or 2010 and it stripped the shoe of everything it once offered. No carbon fiber, stiff synthetic leather, forefoot Zoom Air and heel EVA crash pad. Yeah, it was pretty bad. Now that Jordan Brand is “remastering” the Retro line, we’re hoping that it releases this 2017 version of the shoe true to OG form.

It looks close to the OG in terms of shape and the way the Jumpman logo is tilted on the collar — JB straightened it out on the original Retro. Materials look pretty bad, but it could be the lighting. From what we can see, the OG Black/Red version will make its way back to retail — hopefully, with the red translucent outsole this time around. The OG White/Navy colorway — Kevin Garnett wore them his rookie season — gets a Cement midsole and splatter — which it didn’t need, in my opinion. Lastly, there is a new colorway: Cool Grey/Gold.

No release date has been set, but once we find out we’ll be sure to update you. Fingers crossed that these are closer to the OG this time around as I’m likely grabbing a couple pairs of the Black/Red and — if they end up releasing — Black/Royal.

Who else is a fan of the Jumpman Pro? Sound off in the comment section below.

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  1. I loved this back in the day cause I didn’t have enough money to buy the 12’s. If JB make this with the same quality as the last edition of Jumpman Team II surely will cop a black/red pair.

  2. Both the gray and white pairs look awesome! Also, I agree that the materials look a bit cheap based on these pics. Hopefully the price point will be reasonable.

  3. Did the Jumpman Team 2 have full or heel/fore Zoom? If these hit clearance I will buy. They look good for off-court wear.

    1. The Jumpman Team 2 had heel and forefoot Zoom like the 13 and 14’s they’re were modeled after. The team models usually featured what that year’s signature model had in it.

  4. If they do the Penny 4 treatment on these, I might be done with all nike retros that featured zoom air because the nostalgia won’t be worth it. It is despicable to retro a shoe and then remove certain tech elements from the shoe. I could live with less psi and max on my uptempos but removing zoom from a retro is just insulting to consumers.

  5. I have been waiting for these. Bought the black/red pair as a senior in high school. Back in the day for those of us with really big feet (size 16) you would go into footlocker ask what they had in that size and they would usually come out with some ugly team shoe that you had to buy because that’s all there was. I still remember when they brought these out and trying to convince my mom the price was worth it. Had them for 3-4 years including using them on the concrete courts in Brazil for a couple. Will by these on release day.

  6. At least they’re taking another stab at these models. I had the white/navy pair and loved them back in the day. The midsole change is disappointing but here’s hoping the tooling is done right. Fans of the black /reds should be happy tho

  7. These were a shoe that you could beat to death on court, and then they still looked fresh afterward. These are most definitely not a one game shoe, like many of the cheap models made today by Nike. If there weren’t so many better models to choose from these days, these would be a must cop, zoom or no zoom air.

  8. We’ll be lucky to get ANY zoom at all on these with the way Nike/Jordan has been doing retros. As a long time zoom-head from back in the day, I’m having to stick with newer models like the Lebron X that you can actually SEE the zoom so as to avoid getting scammed.

  9. Gave these to my dad in black and blue for Christmas when they first came out. I was in high school working in a shoe store. 20% employee discount sure helped. I think he still has them.

  10. I never owned these but think that they look good. If they make these like they made the Team 2 this year then they would be a decent shoe for sure.

  11. I had originals but in kids sizes. In the back under the pull tab there’s a jumpman but it wasn’t stitched like the retro release of 09. It actually had a little plastic bubble with the jumpman on it. Was it like that with the adult sizes??? If so, it be nice to see that feature on these along with the zoom tech and carbon of course.

  12. Btw, just want to give thanks to nightwing for sharing his love and appreciating for sneakers. I’m 30 and have been into sneakers since i can remember. I’m a true 1990s sneaker guy. Nightwing def shares great knowledge and real opinions on his videos. Keep up the great work you and the rest of wear testers are doing. I’m no social media guy nor do I care to do so. I have a family and a business so my time is consumed in that. I share this love of sneakers and sports with my son which is enough for me. I just read wear testers from time to time. Once was a Niketalk avid reader since 2003 and it’s nothing like it once was. Saturated with lots of hype and the community just seems much larger and harder to find real knowledge of anything besides “hype”. Wear testers seriously brought back that experience I was receiving back in 2003-2007 and feeling like I’m not the only person out there that loves sneakers genuinely. So just want to say thank you to nightwing, wear testers and all those who share genuine love for sneakers and all the history and innovation that the average joe doesn’t see. 🙂

  13. It would be nice if it was like the originals, but we know whats coming. Its Nike/Jordan. Its a retro. Its not a hugely popular shoe. The cushion will be downgraded.

    I never bought a retro, and I probably never will. Even if the tech and materials are good, they’re usually overpriced and in short supply.

  14. I’ve always have been a fan of the Jumpman team shoes, and it sickens me that Nike retroes some of my favorites not true to form.

    If the asking price weren’t so high, I could understand taking out some tech and cheaper materials.

    I grew up in leather basketball shoes, and while hot, I much prefer the feel.

    Someday, if Nike can exactly replicate retros, I’d want a pair of each as home I played in. Zoom flight 96, Air Max Uptempo in white/black/blue, Jordan 11 low (original upper, mesh and nubuck in black), and while not a 90’s shoe, the Jumpman J’Madness black blue was a fave, as well as Cons and some Reeboks.

    Come on Nike, straighten this out.

  15. I had some of these in junior high and yeah the zoom was amazing like the flight zoom 96 and Penny’s in the forefoot. It’s true retros just aren’t the same. It’s like they are meant to be collector nostalgia items not to play in. I also remember these running small or tight but that could change, retros are fairly all true to size. Good to see these put again but I don’t love them enough to wear or own some again.

  16. I had some of these in junior high and yeah the zoom was amazing like the flight zoom 96 and Penny’s in the forefoot. It’s true retros just aren’t the same. But being at the house I grew up in doesn’t feel the same either so who knows. It’s like retros are meant to be collector nostalgia items not to play in. I also remember these running small or tight but that could change, retros are fairly all true to size. Good to see these out again but I don’t love them enough to wear or own some again. I had the black with blue. If you look at the side they even have some of the 12 design. I also got them because my limit was 135 like the Penny’s cost, 150 for Jordan’s was too much lol. This was the first shoe that wasn’t a true Jordan like the numbered series or Nike air jordan. I remember my friends didnt like em when i wore em. Now there are a 100 different Jordan shoes out. I liked the numbered stuff and that he wore the shoes, it’s gotten out of hand now, just another shoe brand.

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