Jordan Future – Detailed Look

Jordan Brand’s latest lifestyle shoe has many confused about its purpose.

For whatever reason, when I performance tested the Air Jordan XI Retro it was met with a lot of hate from skinny jean wearing mammals claiming that “the XI was not meant to be played in”… yet, when the Jordan Future first surfaced I was getting asked constantly if I’d take them out on-court. Yes, the Future borrows the AJXI midsole, outsole and cushion but the upper is completely woven… it looks like a deflated balloon when there isn’t a foot inside of it. There’s no way was this meant for performance and it was pretty clear just by the overall design yet a legitimate hoop shoe “was not meant to be played in”… a shoe that a certain someone just happened to win 72 games in one season and won his 4th ring in… nah, they weren’t meant to be played in; but this sock was.

If you wanted a detailed look at the Jordan Future then check all the images below, just know that they are not a performance model… its a lifestyle shoe that takes inspiration from the brand’s performance past.

Jordan Future - Detailed Look 1

Jordan Future - Detailed Look 2

Jordan Future - Detailed Look 3

Jordan Future - Detailed Look 4

Jordan Future - Detailed Look 5

Jordan Future - Detailed Look 6

Jordan Future - Detailed Look 7

Jordan Future - Detailed Look 8

Jordan Future - Detailed Look 9

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  1. Everyone has their own opinions, but I like the icey soled version and will probably scoop up a pair because they’re different.

  2. Hope they start tanking on sales, so they can “hit the drawing board”. To each their own.
    NW you really helped me rack up the shoes last year, but I don’t have that fire with a lot of the new stuff dropping now.

    I think the only new thing I’ve grabbed has been the Bron XI for this year, I’ll grab the kobe 9 whenever they stop with the bs games on the releases and can’t really say I’m looking forward to anything else, unless you drop a bomb on me again.

    Either way, Thanks!

  3. I actually like these, because there is no Jordan logoing other than the sole which you can’t see when walking. Probably a good cop if the price is right and its a great alternative to the runners that everyone is wearing

  4. What NW said – I tried thesse on this weekend – they are NOT meant for court. A couple of Jordan reps had them on shooting around but when it was time to play it was Melo’s. They look cool as h ell with shorts on though.

    1. Don’t worry you’ll see jay’s all over retirement homes soon enough. These look great with pj’s.
      I’ll pass though.

  5. Ok….so I feel it must be said. To everyone who says they hate when shoes get recycled or smashed together or whatever….YEEZY. Neither of them had a single original concept to them. TO make matter worse, the same folks who complain about say..six rings or fusions or dub zeros and now these will go balls out about some dumb lookin yeezy’s.Yeezys suck more than anything that has ever sucked in the history of things that suck and folks pay THOUSANDS….seriously?

    1. I agree on the price being too high, they gotta lump in the “Jordan” tax I guess, hah! I still think they look good.

  6. LOL @ anyone that has ever said the XI “isn’t meant to be played in”. Maybe I don’t get the “shoe game”, but if I buy performance basketball shoes, you best believe I’ll be hoopin in them. I just got asked yesterday while playing pickup ball at the gym “Why would you wear Jordan XII’s to ball?”. I just laughed.

  7. lol nice rant…but is anyone still wearing baggy jeans..? I mean, all jeans are kinda skinny now right..? Im not just talking about the tight stove pipes but regular jeans are not baggy anymore, they more skinny or form fitting than baggy….if u are wearing baggy’s they are some knock off g unit shits from the dolla store lol

  8. Skinny Jean Suede Heads blow my mind. When i saw the FAD dropping i thought, “Are these Geeked Punk Rockers Theiving that skinny Jean Riot Girl Look” Nope, Just skinny kids rockin Skinny jeans. Sucks to hear you just tagged a few Inept – I had hope for this generation. no worries, I am sure they will get hooked on Craft Beers and start rocking Husky Jeans.

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