The Jordan CP3.X Lands on NIKEiD

The Jordan CP3.X makes a surprise appearance on NIKEiD without warning.

I was surprised to see the Jordan CP3.X on NIKEiD this morning. Not sure how long the shoe been on there, but it’s currently available for customization. The shoe was a solid performer — especially for those that prefer court feel.

Nike must have changed NIKEiD‘s customization process since the last time I’ve been on there because the site looks completely different — in a good way. On top of that, the customization options are pretty awesome. You can customize nearly everything on the shoe, including the insole.

If you wanted to mess around with the customization options then you can head over to NIKEiD now and do so. However, the shoe, on NIKEiD, will cost you a hefty $170. Ouch.

My colorway takes inspiration from Chris Paul’s New Orleans Hornets days — in case you couldn’t tell.



  1. Honestly

    I think this shoe looks pretty dope especially in the bred and Space jam colorways.

    Only thing holding me back is the cushion set up, really wish they’d just go back to the zoom in the forefoot and lunar crash pad in the heel from the CP3.VIII AE.

  2. The sockliner/insole looks nice. I think it might exclusive to the CP3’s. I’ve tried to change it to the galaxy sockliner on other shoes but it doesn’t give me the option

  3. For $170, I need the shoe to have it all. Meaning, if these either had full length zoom or unlocked forefoot zoom as well as heel zoom I’d be interested. I gotta like the way it looks for that price too. The huge jumpmans just don’t do it for me. I’d ID these if it was a “bargain”…like $120 or something. But $170??? SMH. It’s gotta be damn near perfect for me to pay that.

  4. As a HUGE Chris Paul fan, pains me that I literally can’t get the shoe onto my feet. I tried to try them on in a local store and could not get my wide, Shrek foot past the tongue.

  5. Such a frustrating line, awesome until the .VII, then the lunar, and the over-tongue seatbelts came in 🙁 .

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