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John Wall wears adidas Top Ten 2000

John Wall has returned to practice… but he wasn’t wearing his Reebok’s, instead he was wearing the adidas Top Ten 2000.

I tried to tell you that Zig Tech stuff was a bunch of bologna. I’ve actually read reviews claiming the Zig Tech shoes were great hoop shoes too… I’m sure they’re great for players that stand in one place but if you run, jump and slash then you want something with better cushion, traction and support.

Reebok is owned by adidas so if Wall decides to move over it’ll be pretty interesting to see if he receives another signature or not.




Via Michael Lee

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  1. Reebok pulled out of the basketball arena no more new bball models.

  2. How long was/is his Reebok contract anyways?

  3. switching to adidas will save his career. Rbk has messed up his health every season

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