The Iridescent Swoosh Makes its Way onto the Nike LeBron 14

The ‘Iridescent Swoosh’ makes its way onto the Nike LeBron 14 along with some added premium material touches. There looks to be an ‘Iridescent Swoosh’ pack in the works featuring the Nike Kyrie 3 and now the Nike LeBron 14.

This version looks to feature a basket weave upper corresponding with the foam/mesh build. I think this makes the shoe look much better in terms of material quality and value by adding another layer to the design. Everything else is pretty straight forward — all-white LBJ 14 with an icy outsole and the iridescent Swoosh. It’s a great colorway on a fairly solid performance shoe.

No official word on when these will release but they’re currently rumored for a March 18 release. If anything changes we’ll post an update.



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