Iofit Smart Balance Shoes Can Fix Your Golf Swing in Minutes, Among Other Things

Mobile World Congress is showing people a lot of what is to come in the not-so-distant future when it comes to tech. The Verge, Pocketnow, and Android Authority are all covering the event, among others, but The Verge reported on something great at MWC: the Iofit Smart Balance shoes.

Iofit is a company borne of Samsung’s new startup accelerator and its at MWC to flaunt its new Iofit Smart Balance shoes. The shoes, of course, will soon be crowdfunded and smart sneakers aren’t new — Under Armour and Nike have entered into the market, but not in the revolutionary way that Iofit plans to.

According to The Verge, the Iofit Smart Balance shoes feature soles lined with pressure sensors that help measure how hard you shift your weight, how hard you’re hitting the ground, and your overall balance and center of gravity. Even better, the app visualizes this streaming data with useful charts and heat maps of the weight distribution in each shoe. Thankfully, this won’t be another tech device you’ll have to plug in every night to charge; each Iofit Smart Balance sneaker has a battery that lasts five to seven days that recharges wirelessly.

There is no word on the cushioning tech Iofit is using but as you can see in the pictures below, the midsoles look a lot like Nike’s Lunar tooling. The styling of the shoes also looks decent, with predominantly open mesh uppers, speed lacing systems, and Fuse reinforcement at the toes. Iofit seems to have many different shoe styles in the works, but most of the materials look like synthetics.

Here’s the rest of the information from The Verge that details how one of their reporters improved his golf swing in just two minutes by using the Iofit Smart Balance app. The charts, slow-motion side by side comparisons, and sheer amount of data the shoes collect is astounding. Check it out:

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The most surprising thing about Iofit’s smart shoes is that I was able to identify a few clear problems in my golf swing just two minutes into the demonstration I was given. This was all thanks to the way the Iofit app visualizes the data coming out of the shoes. Iofit’s chief marketing officer used the app to record a few of my practice swings, and then — still in the app — compared the my footage to the swing of someone who is much better at golf.

The first thing he pointed out was that my hips were moving too much during my backswing. Using the in-app coaching tools, he drew a line that my hips should not cross. Sure enough, I blew right past the line during my swing. This part of the app is very robust, with slow-motion and side-by-side options, as well as the ability to put one video over another so you can directly compare footage of swings or posture.

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Source: The Verge


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