Introducing: Test Shoot

Hi, family.

For a long time, the WearTesters family has been expanding by covering the various sportswear industries. This team has created an assortment of measured, tested, and reported media content that has served the footwear and apparel industries — as well as the communities surrounding them. Through all of our work, the time spent measuring what is and what isn’t, and countless hours of study and research, we’ve been giving you the best that we got (to quote a famous Anita Baker song), and it’s true.

And we’re evolving. You’ve seen the changes before your very eyes, and now we’re starting a new thing.

adidas adizero 5-Star 5.0 Snoop Money Cleat

adidas adizero 5-Star 5.0 Snoop Money Cleat

Our new WearTesters series, Test Shoot, is all about bringing original photography, with the product that you care about, to the forefront. Stretching into this expanded creative space, exclusive to WearTesters, will enable you to see something new on the platform. It’ll also allow us to take a different look at just how the product we’re touching, feeling, and wearing is the construction of art that we so often covet, but also neglect to acknowledge with more than a glance.

We believe that Test Shoot will continue to push WearTesters forward — and into new places. We hope to give you yet another reason to seek us out as the top content publication in footwear review and editorial.

Oh, and before you go, allow me to introduce myself more formally.

I’m Sandy Dover (@Sandy_Dover), and I’ll be contributing to WearTesters with this new series. As a longtime admirer of Nightwing and the WearTesters collective, I’ll be bringing my work to the WT brand hoping to give you all something new to enjoy. I’ve been in the footwear & sportswear and fashion industries for about 10 years covering product lines for some of the top outlets and publications in the world such as Yahoo!, SLAM, ESPN, and WearTesters’ own media partner, Complex (Complex Sneakers, to be exact, when it was still known as Sneaker Report). You can check out a couple shots from past work below. Know that my intent is simply to add to the excellence that is already on this platform by way of some of the most intriguing and premium product on the market.

Wear well, my friends.

The Creative Recreation Deross for Nick Jonas

The New Balance 574 Picnic Chambray / on location The Conrad, Miami, FL

The M.W x Reef 2016 Collection

Sandy Dover

Sandy Dover is a multimedia contributor for WearTesters. Specializing for WT in photography and special features composition for the Test Shoot series, Sandy has an extensive background in the footwear and apparel industries, as well as in the media. He is currently seated as managing partner of Hardwood & Hollywood and network partner with Complex Media and a former producer and writer for Yahoo, SLAM, ESPN, and Bleacher Report.



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