A First Look at the Nike LeBron 14 in University Red

Today we get a first look at the upcoming Nike LeBron 14 in University Red.

I’ve been enjoying my time testing the Nike LeBron 14 on-court so far. The traction is a bit spotty when dust is present, but it has been holding to the floor for the most part so I can’t complain too much. What I’ve really been enjoying about it is how light it is compared to past LeBrons. Last year’s LBJ 13 was pretty lightweight, but the Elite version of the shoe was horrendous — so bad that I stopped wearing them during testing and never laced them up again; they were heavy bricks that caused foot and leg fatigue. They were not fun to play in. However, the LBJ 14 has been light and flexible with a decent fitting upper. I still think it’s outlandish to charge $175 for a shoe with an upper made of foam, but I have to buy them if I want to review them.

This University Red colorway looks great and I’m interested to see future colorways of the shoe as the year progresses. The Nike LeBron 14 ‘University Red’ is currently scheduled to release on March 4 for $175. We’ll make sure to post an update if that date changes.

Has anyone played in the LeBron 14 yet? If so, share your thoughts on them below in the comment section.

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  1. 175 is way to much for this shoe. Looks more like a Soldier. Even the cusion is bottom loaded and will not be that bouncy. Best set up would be to place one double zoom piece at the forefoot like Jordans 13 and keep the pods like CP3.8 and also keep the heel zoom inside the midsole. I dont know why Nike put the zoom outside the midsole and they sell it as innovation. Is the same thing for decades and it doesnt work that well smh.

  2. The elite 13 was 3 ounces lighter then the regular 13, that’s strange that’s they felt like bricks…

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