First Look at the Brandblack x WearTesters Rare Metal

Many of you have spotted it in the background of Chris’ videos and now it’s time for a better look. Here is a quick look at the Brandblack x WearTesters Rare Metal.

Teased on Instagram by the WearTesters captain himself, Nightwing2303, this latest Rare Metal flaunts a gradient midsole, blue accents, and will come with extra laces and exclusive socks.

Of course, the Rare Metal retains all of the tech specs we have come to love from the ultra-lightweight sneaker: a Jacquard knit upper with thermoplastic reinforcements, 3D molded tongue top, sock-fit construction, and a multi-directional micro wiper traction pattern.

Release details are coming soon so stay tuned. Let us know what you think about this upcoming WearTesters collab in the comments.

brandblack x weartesters rare metal teasers 1

brandblack x weartesters rare metal teasers 2

brandblack x weartesters rare metal teasers 3


Images via @Nightwing2303



    1. Tts they run long and narrow so if you go up a size they will be too long. For people that don’t have a wide foot you can get away with going down a half a size to make up for the length. They are a tight jacquard woven upper so at first they are a little stiff but that makes them perfect once broken in IMO.

  1. I don’t even know if I’d hoop in these or just wear them, but I fully intend on buying them. They look sick and they support my favorite sneaker site and reviewer!

    1. Some have claimed that it’s Zoom Air, but I think it’s the original dual density setup Leo Chang had in mind during the development phase. This was left off the retail pairs. I was told it was due to the rounded tooling not needing any cushion, but I think it was really to cut costs. It’s all speculation though. Nothing concrete or confirmed.

      1. Oh ok. I think it just confirms what many are saying in regards to what we” get as opposed to what the player gets. I have the Kyrie 2’s and 3’s and have often wondered how Kyrie makes it through a whole season wearing them with the cushion as is.

  2. Really didn’t think I’d care for another RM but these panned out way nicer than I expected. Midsole fade is too nice.

  3. These are just well designed, I love the detail and hope i can get a pair because I couldn’t get the ether collab since they sold out so fast.

  4. Yo…this pair is straight FIRE. Wow they came out nice. Those colors together just look right.

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