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First Impression: Nike KD V (5)

This colorway just doesn’t want to photograph well… they look great in person though…


Traction – Storytelling is back but this time it might work.


The rubber is VERY soft and pliable so it should create plenty of friction on the court. Only issue I see is for outdoor players… go with an XDR version if possible otherwise these may not last you too long.


Cushion – For the first time, we have heel and forefoot cushion. Why utilize heel cushion if KD rarely uses his heel… easy… not everyone is KD. They feel great, MUCH different than the hard as rocks feeling the KD IV brought you. The foam is nice and plush while the heel Air unit and 10mm forefoot Zoom unit will keep you comfortable.


The Zoom unit is shaped weird but I assume that is so the shoe can flex easier without restriction. Either way… these are actually comfortable.


Material – Thin Fuse is placed along the entire upper and it’s very similar to what was featured on the Hyperdunk 2012. It wraps around your foot perfectly and flexes easily… you won’t have to worry about the materials durability either which is a plus.


Fit – They fit ½ size large… I ordered a sz 9 for my NIKEiD version so I’m happy I went down ½ size in these in case what I had heard was true… and it is. The last used is narrow so wide footers will have to try them on. Don’t ask me what size you should get or how they will fit you because I can only speak for myself. They fit large and narrow… you will have to use your best judgment on fit if you must order online… I had to buy 2 pairs to get it right.


Ventilation – Not much ventilation but the fit is so secure that it shouldn’t affect their performance at all. The KD IV wasn’t well ventilated either so there really isn’t too much of a difference between the two.


Support – Their fit will offer the most support as it feels as if it will keep the foot secure and in place. The arch is molded and I believe there may be an internal shank plate – emphasis on the “I believe part”… as in not factual. While there is no heel counter, they have sculpted the foam at the heel which should do the job well enough.


The KD V is definitely an upgrade compared to the KD IV. To be honest, these feel as if they may be the best performing KD model since the KD II.


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  1. super excited
    one of the most interesting shoe for me this year.

  2. Will you be ballin in these or the size 9’s?

  3. That cw is sexy.

  4. Do they have good heel lockdown?

  5. thanks. I already have a customized colorway for these (too bad I can’t just yet with the Hyperposites. glad to read about the fit. that means I have to try one first before I actually push the order button.

    one question though, is the cushion feel or comfort of the KD V the same as that of the Hperposites? or is it much comfortable? thanks in advance.

    • Cushion in the Hyperposites are different and are not comparable to these. I personally prefer Zoom or Foam cushion but it will vary based on someones personal preference.

      • I think a better comparison is the Melo 8. How does the cushioning compare the M8s?

        • Its technically the same cushion but the foams could be different. I wont know for sure until I start playing in them. Just standing in them you cant really tell. I’ll update everyone on their performance though with a teaser.

          • Can’t wait to see your teasers and review. I’m really curious how the cushioning compares to the M8. A slightly softer foam with that cushioning package would be great for my game.

      • do they fit similar to hyperdunk 2011? they were narrow and long

      • thanks. I guess the difference would most likely be in relation to the forefoot flexibility for the KD V and stability for the Hyperposite. now I think about it, these two do seem to be different. the KD V I think would move towards speedy players and the Hyperposites towards the typical Big Man movement. although not saying that both shoes can’t be worn by any player but just specifically targets certain player movement preference. can’t wait to have both shoes.

  6. Performance monster of the year I think it just might be

  7. The odd shape of forefoot zoom bag makes me wonder if nike is skipping out on quality. Hope they not using the same zoom “strip” for forefoot on kd 5 like the one they used for Zoom rookie. Zoom rookie had zoom “strip” rather than a bag.

    • They wouldnt bother placing a larger volume zoom unit if they were skipping out. The typical forefoot units lack flex and dont last as long due to the pounding they take from forefoot flex. This unit is more comfortable and targeted for impact all while keeping the forefoot flexible. The strip of zoom in the rookie was pathetic and thin as hell lol.

  8. Looking forward to the review! With the 10mm zoom bag would you say these have less court feel and sit higher off the ground than other models? One of the things I really liked about the lunar hyperdunks was that they sit low to the ground similar to how the Kobe series feels whereas I feel the kds have felt higher off the ground. Thanks.

  9. Curious to see how this shoe performs.

  10. off the topic. whats your thought on cam highlight trainers. its not bb kicks but its riding on micro g and the bottom looks similar to puremotion tech and know you like that.

  11. off the topic :P nightwing, what shoes do you recommend for outdoor basketball? because my country have limited indoor court.. So, i hope you can suggest some bball shoes that is suitable for outdoor and have good vetilition. Thanks! :D

  12. Hey nightwing.. im looking for a new pair of kicks..ive played in the 2011 hyperdunks and the cp3.v and i am a center and both worked fine…should i get a kd v,cp3 vi or 2012 hyperdunk,which one would work best.ur help is much appreciated and if u dont recommend any of these which one would u recomend me…

  13. I really cant wait till i can snag a pair! might be a lil wait but i dont care! bummer about the outsole durability tho..but again…I DONT CARE lol! i really wanna play in them!

  14. Really excited about these. I’ve asked this before, but any word on the AJ 2013? I’m guessing they’ll be released at the 2013 All Star game. It’s weird that we don’t have a lot of info on them yet. By the way, I got the AJ 2010-2012 based on your reviews. Keep up the good work.

  15. Hey nightwing can you make a performance review for the Jordan six rings?

  16. Honestly waiting til this makes the top 10!

    Can’t wait to try these out when they release here in the Philippines

  17. Where can you get KD socks.

  18. Sorry if this question was already asked, but how do you know for sure the zoom bag is shaped like that? Are there dissection images? I checked online, I was unable to find any, but if someone has seen some please let me know. Thank you

  19. Will these release worldwide like for example footlocker or east bay?? Because I heard it was only a DMV release and I got sad hearing that lol

  20. I didn’t get the XDR’s. But Will it still be suitable for outdoor use? Thanks in advance :)

  21. Nightwing, have you noticed on this that the connection of the tongue and forefoot around the top of the foot hurts at times from the sewing?

  22. If I wear a size 10 in hyperdunk 2011-2013, what size should I get for these?

  23. Nice review !

    Do these fit like the hyperdunk 2012 ?

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