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FILA 97 – Upcoming Colorways

Three colorways are planned so far for the upcoming Retro release of the FILA 97.

These will retail for $97, you seriously can’t beat that, and should be dropping right around the Fall season. I may just have to pick up a pair of these along with the FILA 95 and get myself in gear to do a FILA Grant Hill Project… what do you guys think?

Check out the images below and share your thoughts in the comment section. That Black/ White pair is sick!

FILA 97 - Upcoming Colorways 1

FILA 97 - Upcoming Colorways 2

FILA 97 - Upcoming Colorways 3

FILA 97 - Upcoming Colorways 4

FILA 97 - Upcoming Colorways 5


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13 Comments on FILA 97 – Upcoming Colorways

  1. PinoyHooper3 // February 18, 2014 at 2:09 pm // Reply

    Grant Hill Project sounds nice. Raw materials for a great price. Fila is waaaayyy too slept on.

  2. Black and white is straight fiyah…
    Yes, please do the GHill project NW!

  3. Man these bring back memories. I had the original color way when I was in the 6th grade. These are a must cop for even if its solely based on nostalgia

  4. I miss the 90s. This decade sucks for most new kicks and NBA basketball.
    Stuff like the hyperdunk or hyperrev or whatever that’s made with the cheapest and nastiest materials nike can get their hands on to “cut weight” when in reality it’s to cut costs and increase profits.
    And I’m not some anti capitalist commie but the quality of some of nike’s releases, particularly the retros, is shameful

  5. Oh my God I will purchase these as soon as FILA releases them.

    Grant Hill line is one of my all time favorites

  6. yes, do it!!!!!
    I am not going to sleep on FILA, except FILA in Australia suck!!!!

  7. That would be great NW! I look forward to the GH Project. Fila Philippines told me they plan to release the Fila 96 within this year. I sure hope that pushes through because I plan to get a pair and perhaps the 97 if they follow it up.

  8. A Grant Hill project would be awesome.

    Grant was a great player and also seems like a great person. It really sucks that he never got to play his peak years at 100% health.

  9. It’s nice to see File back in the game!They ‘ve had some great models back in the 90’s. The Grant Hill Project is a very very very good idea!!

  10. Yes to the FILA Retros and Yes to the Grant Hill Project!

    I had the Hill 2&3 and a pair of Stack 2s back in the days.
    (I’ve also heard that AND1 planning to bring back the Tai Chi Mid)
    Man, i miss the 90s…

  11. price seems low. they better not cut a bunch of corners to get it at that price point. I much rather pay more and get something legit. if they dont have 2A I’m gonna be so disappointed

  12. Lantern 2814.5 // March 28, 2014 at 5:06 am // Reply

    Although I’m disappointed that the heel portion of the outsole will not have what was originally translucent material displaying the 2A, this is a must cop for nostalgic purposes… hopefully these are just samples and the product which makes retail still has the 2A stuff…

  13. please do the grant hill project

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