The FairPlay x Brooks Heritage ‘Battle of Los Angeles’ Isn’t Coming Soon

If you have plans on buying footwear or apparel in February of next year then take note: the FairPlay x Brooks Heritage ‘Battle of Los Angeles’ collection is set to drop then.

FairPlay, an up and coming LA-based brand, and Brooks Heritage have drawn inspiration for this 2017 collection from the infamous ‘Battle of Los Angeles’, otherwise known as the Great Los Angeles Air Raid.

On the night of February 24-25 in 1942, shortly after the United States officially entered World War II (after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December of 1941), air raid sirens sounded across Los Angeles County. According to Wikipedia, a total blackout was ordered and at 3:16 am the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade took aim at an unidentified object in the sky and began firing .50 caliber machine guns and 12.8 pound anti-aircraft shells at the object. Shots were fired until 4:14 am and at 7:21 am the all clear siren was sounded. Over 1,400 shells were fired that night.

Attributed to “war nerves” and a lost weather ballon by Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, some conspiracy theorists and ufologists believe that the object in the sky that night was a UFO. With that come 3M embellishments all over the FairPlay x Brooks Heritage Regent and the blacked out suede and leather look. The images below are just a sneak peek as the entire collection will feature matching head-to-toe apparel.

You’ll have to wait until next year to cop this shoe, but how do you feel about it so far? Execution? Inspiration? Sound off in the comments below.

FairPlay x Brooks Heritage Regent 1

FairPlay x Brooks Heritage Regent 2

About FairPlay

FairPlay is a Los Angeles based brand, inspired by the functionality of athletic gear while adding a touch of character with intricate sport design. With great fitment, FairPlay aims to deliver that same aesthetic and comfort to those with various PLAY abilities. The array of fabrics and unique treatments applied to this soon-to-be classic will set you apart from everyone. We’ve merged today’s sports fashion and active mobility to give you the perfect combination of style and comfort. We are here to Play Fair.

Photos via PB / Source: Wikipedia


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