Draymond Green to Wear This Nike Zoom HyperRev PE for Game 5

Its do-or-die time for the Golden State Warriors as they return home to battle OKC in game 5.

While on-court, Draymond Green will be rocking this special makeup of the Nike HyperRev 2016. These look more like an NBA Finals PE than a Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals, but with the Warriors’ season on the line, this could be Draymond’s only chance at rocking these things on-court.

Featuring a white upper and icy outsole, the only accents found along the shoe are the gold branding hits. It looks awesome, and it would be amazing if Nike decided to release to the public. You can also see the “DG23” PE logo on the collar as well.

There is a second PE colorway that he may wear on-court tonight as well; it’s the usual black/yellow variant he’s been wearing for much of the season, plus the added DG23 branding on the collar. Better yet, the white/gold HyperRevs and the Dray Area’s Finest t-shirts will be available at Nike San Francisco starting today.

Check out Draymond’s Game 5 PEs of the Nike HyperRev 2016 below, check out performance review on them here, and let us know your predictions of tonight’s game in the comment section.


Draymond Green to Wear This Nike Zoom HyperRev PE for Game 5



  1. Nice Colorway,

    GSW will win Game 5, 6 and 7,

    Too much bad mouthing online against the Dubs, time to prove how Warriors play ball!

  2. Well its the dubs last time at home in this script written playoffs so why not wear them since the finals wont be happening

    1. If the playoffs were script written, the Warriors would be in the finals already though…

  3. maybe the much better CW will help Dray play like less of a bum. the black and yellow CW is almost as hideous as his play has been. Warriors badly need a healthy Bogut in this series and unfortunately that hasnt been the case

  4. A win tonight puts all the pressure on Thunder to close out in OKC. Opposing team Athletic PG’s have been the one problem area for GSW all year, and Westbrook is in a category all his own. Klays phantom 3rd foul mid Q2 in game 4 turned game upside down, making steph guard Russ for extra minutes getting him tired and in return ineffective on offense. Here’s hoping they can dig deep and run off 3 in a row… Unfortunately thunder won’t get any smaller or less athletic

  5. Draymond has a decent PE logo. I remember that slew of PE logo’s Nike seemingly half-assed in 2010. I’d say even PG and KD have weak logos.

  6. Draymond didn’t wore this shoes on Game 5, saw him what I think is the Lebron Soldier I,

    In a Golden State Warriors WIN!!!!!

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