Converse MVP Mid


The Converse MVP Mid will be the first Converse model to feature Nike tech.

Flywire is used on the toe… not sure why since that isn’t exactly the place where you’d need support cables that lead to nowhere… for all I know it could be hidden under the Phylon molded side panels.

If these feature full length Converse Balls Tech then I’m going to be happy.



Via CK & Converse & thanks to @KCKINGT9X for the heads up!




  1. i hope converse gains momentum with their new releases. the pro leather 2k11 upon trying them on lead me to ask for almost 2 or 3 sizes smaller. very poor heel lockdown. as well as forefoot lockdown. they would still feel loose with the smallest my foot could fit in.

    1. if you went down 2 – 3 sizes u prolly wouldnt be able to put your foot into the shoe lenghtwise … if you went down 2-3 sizes from ‘ur regular size

      1. not from 10.5 down to 7.5. just 10.5 then tried 10 then tried 9.5 then 9. sorry maybe it should be just 1 and a half or something. i counted the shoes i tried on. 9.5 had the right length but the heel counter felt to small not even reaching much of the top of my heels and the forefoot was still a bit loose. the 2k11 just felt really weird to me.

  2. Its like Spiderman VS Venom part 53 in year 2057, pls update if they are headed straight to ROSS

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