Complex: The 15 Best Sneaker Channels on YouTube Right Now

So Complex, or rather Drew Kanevsky (aka @TheDonDrew), just listed the 15 best sneaker channels on YouTube right now. You can check out the list here and let’s discuss.

Does it concern you that there’s only one woman on this list? Do you think Brad Hall should have even made the list? Who’s in your top 15? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Ahhh screw Nice Kicks. My top five are
    5. Retro Snickers(Love the restoration vids!)
    4. Kick Genius
    3.Jacques Slade
    2. Yoanty Kicks

  2. They bashed Weartesters, Nightwing should definitely be #1, best videos around. Kickgenius/jacques slade/yoanty and jahronmon all deserve recognition. Complex and nice kicks are overrated and like you said, Brad Hall definitely has something behind him. Like everyone else, I agree the list gets twisted as it moves on.

  3. This list is just someone’s preferences… no need to get upset that NW is #8. There are some I’ve never heard of before and would like to check out. Wish there were more women on the list to get their perspectives. I don’t have a top ten list but some channels I check out often is definitely Weartesters with NW and Duke; Jacques Slade; Heskicks; Mr Tony Mui and the Sole Brothers. Props to these guys for informing and entertaining!

    1. Your name is batman2303, kinda similar to nightwing2303..ya know…superhero + 2303….you come on his website and say Kick genius is better…ok then.

      1. Batman2303 did not specify why KG is better. Before we get hot/upset, let’s hear the opinion. I am interested in what you all think, I just want you to be nice. If not nice, civil, please! Thank you.

  4. They did NW dirty on this list. Flat on-camera personality? The dude is much better now then he was in 2012. He’s got a lot of personality in his newer content.And his performance reviews are the go to reviews for me. No knock on KG because they’re still top notch and have a ton of personality. I just prefer NW because he’s just the truth (Sorry Paul Pierce).

    1. I find Chris (NW) to have a great on camera personality. Perhaps that’s because we’ve watched so many videos and gotten to know him. I don’t feel like Joe La Puma or George Keil III have great on-camera personalities, and I don’t think they can even be compared because we spend such brief moments with them on camera. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good people, GKIII is doing amazing things with his foundations, but idt their personalities come through in their shows.

  5. They’re more accurate because they are more relatable I guess I should’ve said. They both have a more athletic build like myself and their style of play more like mine so their reviews are more accurate where as night wing is more of a older dude and a spot up shooter from what I can tell& im not taking anything away from NW his reviews are still great I just find kick genius more relatable and accurate based on their style of play

      1. I think it’s all about who you relate to. I believe age plays an important part. NW is probably like 10 years younger than me but I can still relate to him. I probably relate more to Duke because I think he’s around my age. KG has its own following, and most are probably kids and teenagers. I watch KG too and find them informative, but not my type of entertainment due to age and background.

  6. I must admit though I do find NW videos more entertaining and consistent than kick genius. NW is constantly putting out content where as kick genius is really inconsistent and sometimes the content is dull

  7. Nightwing and kicksgenius should be on top of the list, nicekicks is awfully biased in my opinion and so are some of the people on the list

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