Brandblack Unleashes the Tennis in Black/White

Brandblack just unleashed its first tennis shoe. Aptly named the Tennis, Brandblack keeps things simple and sleek.I actually have a scrapped sample shoe from Brandblack that is a higher cut but features the same overall design and tooling as this one. It was very comfortable but I wasn’t given any tech specs in terms of cushion used. I assume it was Jetlon but I’m not 100% on that. These feature a mesh midpanel, synthetic nubuck overlays, and suede at the heel.

Whether you plan on wearing these on the tennis court or for casual purposes, the Brandblack Tennis is available now at Blends for $100.


Images via Blends



  1. its a nice, simple shoe, but with that color-blocking (especially the heel) and cut, all i can see is the crazylight 2015

  2. The shoe looks too soft for tennis. Why use suede instead of thermoplastic for toe drag areas? What about a reinforced heel cup to lock the foot in place?

    I look forward to the review.

  3. Interested to see the traction. Would be good for outdoor ball as tennis shoes typically have thicker traction

  4. Definitely not a tennis performance shoe. No toe reinforcement for toe draggers. Severe lack of support features. No outriggers. No medial support

    About as much of a modern “tennis” shoe as a pair of Nike Tennis Classic.

  5. In the same boat as what others said. Looks like a competitive tennis player would plow right through these. Even the lace rows are using a softer eyelet setup. Can only assume so much, though. Traction looks like mult-directional herringbone, albeit thin on the edges.

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