Brandblack Introduces the Rare Metal Thunder in Two New Colorways

Brandblack has been teasing us with interesting new colorways of the Rare Metal on Instagram for months now. As part of “Hinterland” — the brand’s Spring 17 collection which goes live tomorrow — the Rare Metal Thunder is now available in ‘Mauve’ and ‘Red’.

Both fashion-forward colorways utilize a Jacquard knit upper with thermoplastic reinforcements. For those wondering, the excellent Brandblack blue bottoms that the brand has made iconic are present. The ‘Red’ colorway even uses some gum sections on its outsole.

For our performance reviews on the Rare Metal: Nightwing2303 / Duke4005 / TseStanley23 (formerly NYJumpman23)

You can pick up the new colorways here for $110 each.

brandblack rare metal thunder hinterland

brandblack rare metal thunder red

brandblack rare metal thunder mauve 1

brandblack rare metal thunder mauve 2


Source: Brandblack



  1. I feel these, and the white/silver were the proper way around this print pattern. Gives a more complete look overall.

  2. I have rolled my ankle in those (read: i have stepped on mates foot, rolled and sprung back to a standing position)

    I have a feeling that if it wasn’t for would have been broken so support is quite good

      1. Oh man – so relieved: still hurts as hell but not as bad as it could have been

        I really like them ane super glad i managed to pick them up: nike will need to work hard to get me to buy anything – better brands offering fresh ideas. Havent had a nike pair since Melo 11/xx9

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