The Brandblack Gambetto is Coming Soon

Brandblack has a number of new silhouettes. Recently, the brand unveiled the Gambetto, a lifestyle model with some very interesting paneling.

The heels seem to feature a knit portion and the outsole (what we can see of it) looks dramatically different than what we’ve seen from the brand so far.

There is no official word yet on price or which Brandblack cushioning this latest model will use, but we do know around when they’ll be hitting retail: spring ’17. Moreover, Brandblack has revealed five upcoming colorways.

Any thoughts on the Brandblack Gambetto yet? Good looking sneaker or not? Let us know.

brandblack gambetto 2

brandblack gambetto 3

brandblack gambetto 1


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  1. Feel like it was a face-lifted FV, in a good way. Kept a similar lacing setup and silhouette; even the midsole has vague resemblence to the FV/JC2 tooling, but they steamlined it all, probably did away with the FV plates for casual comfort. Heel piques my interest, but with 2 leather FV’s this pair just seems mostly redundant.

  2. Any idea what cushioning these have? I’m looking to get a pair, but I want/need to know what cushioning they’re using first.

      1. Thanks for the reply. How sure are you? I don’t want to get them if it’s just regular EVA or something similar. If it’s Jetlon, I think I will try and order a pair.

        1. Haha my dude, you ask me a question, I give you an answer — I wouldn’t pull an answer out of my ass. I spoke directly with a higher up at BB to answer your question properly. Who do you think we are?

          1. Sorry man, thank-you for the answer. It’s just that someone on another forum told me it’s a regular foam and I wasn’t able to find any info prior to your post saying otherwise. I just wanted to make sure before spending the money, wasn’t trying to say you’re guessing, just wanted to double check.

            How do you think they would go as an all day shoe if you’re pretty active on your feet? or do you think they’re more of a casual shoe that would lack stability for working in?

            I work in a cold storage/freezer area doing a lots of moving around, stacking goods etc. and I’ve always wondered how the other top foams such as Jetlon perform in those types of conditions.

            I read Boost still performs with temperature changes while other foams harden up when in extreme cold conditions, but I don’t know if that was referring to EVA or all other foams apart from Boost. I wonder if Jetlon, Mirco G etc. still work the same in those type of conditions? I’m currently wearing a pair of Boost runners (Supernova Glide 8).

          2. I wear my DJX Trainer all day, walking all over multiple cities, and it keeps my feet right. I have no idea what cushioning systems will work in what temperatures, sorry. Good luck!

          3. Thanks for all your help, Noah. I should have bought the DJX Trainer when Revolve special ordered the all-black colorway in size 11.5US for me – and they actually got it in, but unfortunately a poster here gave it a very bad review and it put me off the shoe. I shouldn’t have listened to him and should have just went ahead and bought it.

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