The Brandblack Gambetto is Coming Soon

Brandblack has a number of new silhouettes. Recently, the brand unveiled the Gambetto, a lifestyle model with some very interesting paneling.

The heels seem to feature a knit portion and the outsole (what we can see of it) looks dramatically different than what we’ve seen from the brand so far.

There is no official word yet on price or which Brandblack cushioning this latest model will use, but we do know around when they’ll be hitting retail: spring ’17. Moreover, Brandblack has revealed five upcoming colorways.

Any thoughts on the Brandblack Gambetto yet? Good looking sneaker or not? Let us know.

brandblack gambetto 2

brandblack gambetto 3

brandblack gambetto 1


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  1. Feel like it was a face-lifted FV, in a good way. Kept a similar lacing setup and silhouette; even the midsole has vague resemblence to the FV/JC2 tooling, but they steamlined it all, probably did away with the FV plates for casual comfort. Heel piques my interest, but with 2 leather FV’s this pair just seems mostly redundant.

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