Under Armour Curry 2 Black Knight and Gold Rings – First Look

The Under Armoury is a wonderful thing. They release colorways EARLY and with no line (except for that grand opening fiasco). Here we bring you the newest colorway – the Black Knight, releasing Saturday, June 11, at regular Champs stores, for the regular price of $130. For those who haven’t seen these yet, this may be the sickest colorway so far. It just looks… serious.

Also in the mix is the Curry 2 Rings. It doesn’t mean Curry HAS 2 rings, it means it is the Curry 2, colorway Rings. These are sold out on just bout every website, but luck would shine in Dallas as a pair was found.

Check the video – it’s short and to the point, so you won’t waste much time – and as always, leave your brain matter below.

Under Armour Curry 2 Black Knight

Release Date: June 11, 2016

Price: $130 USD


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