Under Armour Anatomix Spawn – First Look

There are plenty of new releases to look forward to from Under Armour’s 2013 basketball footwear lineup… but these are the ones that have caught my attention.

The upcoming Under Armour Anatomix Spawn looks awesome! These should have released instead of the Charge BB if you ask me… I know you didn’t ask but I like to say what I think anyway.

We can expect these to release in the Fall/ Winter of 2013 and you must hit the jump to read the tech specs – which had me drooling – as well as upcoming colorways & team models.



UPPER: Features interwoven layers of flexgear that consider where the tendons, ligaments, and muscles are in the foot, with their construction (thickness) and placement / Reinforcements in the forefoot, the eyestays, and the heel provide the needed durability and structure / Exposed mesh areas provide breathability.

MIDSOLE: Full-length Micro G™ midsole, UA revolutionary cushioning innovation, cored out in areas to save weight and allow for natural flexibility / TPU shank extends from the forefoot to the heel and wraps on to the lateral side wall for torsional rigidity and lateral stability.

FOOTBED: Full length molded Micro G™sockliner built to mold and conform to your foot.

OUTSOLE: Combination of textured clear ice rubber and herringbone traction pods deliver only what’s needed where you need it.






  1. I’m sorry but IMO the traction looks beyond terrible. and the design for this colorway is throw-up, the other colors look OK. but UA gotta make new inovative patterns for the outsole to make players grip to the floor. Or, you know, Herringbone works too.

    1. They have implemented herringbone, all the pink areas, and its more than what was offered on the Charge BB overall. The coverage is pretty minimal but it could work. Have to wait and see. The colorway doesnt bother me since its just one of many to choose from.

  2. I think UA will have a very good year in 2013, looks like they have learned from 2012 releases! Looking forward to your reviews 😀

  3. looks like the BB Charge without the silly cuffs. I think the targeted herringbone regions are alright considering those parts are the hotspots or contact region of the shoe. just hope that the durability is decent and the traction is more than adequate. curious about what ice rubber is btw. love the colorway. and flexgear for upper? I think someone has been listening intently with the target market this time.

  4. How did you get this inside scoop? No where else seems to be posting about this lol. Looks like the may have taken your advice with your reviews I think?

  5. just wondering what’s the benefit/advantage of of using ice rubber outsole over regular rubber outsoles.

  6. Looks like UA is trying to hard to make things look good (weird?) and leaving behind quite a bit of common sense design again…guess we’ll see.

  7. i wonder how the traction would work on this.. can’t wait for this to drop… colorways are a smorgasbord! very nice!

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