AntaAmerica Debuts the KT2 MLK

Today, the United States honors Martin Luther King Jr., a brave civil rights activist who, like Gandhi, proved that one person can make a difference. Now, Anta has debuted the KT2 MLK PE for it’s star athlete Klay Thompson.This limited edition Anta KT2 MLK flaunts aesthetics that champion the spirit of Black History Month. Black and gold help this sneaker shine and evoke a regal quality. A unique tribal pattern ingrained into the hawk-inspired design pays homage to the royal ancestry of African-American heritage. The shoe utilizes different textures and patterns for a very interesting look. Finally, “BHM” hits the inner fabric lining at the ankle.

The Anta KT2 MLK is available now at for $120 in sizes 7 to 13.

Additionally, if you sign up for the AntaAmerica newsletter (it comes up when you get to the homepage) you are automatically entered for a chance to win one of 10 pairs of KT2s.

For the full KT2 performance review, click here.

In my opinion, this is the absolute cleanest colorway Anta has put out for the KT line since its inception. Thoughts on this KT2 MLK Day edition? Sound off in the comments below.

anta kt2 mlk 13

anta kt2 mlk 4

anta kt2 mlk 12

anta kt2 mlk 7

anta kt2 mlk 5

anta kt2 mlk 6

anta kt2 mlk 3

anta kt2 mlk 2

anta kt2 mlk 9

anta kt2 mlk 11

anta kt2 mlk 10

anta kt2 mlk 1

anta kt2 mlk 8


Source: AntaAmerica



  1. Wow. Didn’t see this shoes having the potential to look this good. Shoe companies can really make decent shoes look amazing if they put enough effort into colorways. Really nice looking shoes tho. Looks like all companies are giving their all for BHM…oh wait nvm I forgot about Nike. They just blacked everything out. So almost all companies.

  2. Best cw I’ve seen of this shoe. It looks good, but I think it could’ve been better with a black outsole. The one they have is more mustard than gold.

  3. Those tribal patterns are sick. Shoe looks like a cross between Black Panther (the comic one, not the..) and Curry batmans

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