ANTA Rondo Team Performance Review (RR2)

Super Jelly…

ANTA Rondo Team Performance Review (RR2) 1Traction – The traction was great, period. I played on some really dusty courts, spotless courts, outdoor courts and even courts that could have used a good refinishing… no issues with the traction on any of them. Absolutely loved the traction, wholeheartedly. Best thing is that the rubber is durable so outdoor players should enjoy them.






ANTA Rondo Team Performance Review (RR2) 2Cushion – Super A Jelly… first time really using it and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it’d be similar to a gel insole or an Air Max 360 unit but it was nothing like either. Its firm but really absorbent so protection is number 1 here. Even being off the ground a little higher than normal wasn’t an issue as far as court feel is concerned… they felt like playing in any other Guard shoe. Only thing holding it back from getting a perfect score is that the Gel cushion is sort of lifeless. Thats not a bad thing but if you like to have a slight spring or some sort of responsiveness with your cushion then you’ll notice that its lacking here. However, it was a really comfortable and protective ride which I’d like to see more of.





ANTA Rondo Team Performance Review (RR2) 3Materials – The materials in place are still pretty cheap but you have to keep in mind that these are supposed to be budget friendly on-court option for overseas hoopers. ANTA doesn’t promote their shoes to be premium performance shoes… they’re simply affordable shoes that perform well. With that being said, I’m glad they used mostly Fuse versus their synthetic leather like they had with the RR1. Even though their Fuse is still a little cheap, its still more supportive and durable than their synthetic leather so its a give and take thing.





ANTA Rondo Team Performance Review (RR2) 4Fit – My size 8 fits like my usual size 9. After you get the weird sizing issue solved then they fit true to size (sort of) but they’re still a bit wide in the forefoot. This is great for wide footers but for someone like myself… I end up having to tie the shoes really tightly in order to get a secure fit. Its not horrible and I understand that lasts used to create the shoe are for a different market, this is just my review on the shoe for you to apply to your own needs. Midfoot & lockdown were good and again, forefoot fit is a bit sloppy depending on your foot shape.





ANTA Rondo Team Performance Review (RR2) 5Ventilation – The ventilation and air flow is decent. Nothing great, nothing horrible… nothing to complain about.








ANTA Rondo Team Performance Review (RR2) 6Support – Most of the support comes from the fit itself, which is a bit sloppy in certain places, but if your foot can fill out the upper then you may not encounter this issue. The shoes heel cup could have been a little stronger for those lateral movements but it still gets the job done overall. Then the remainder of the support is found at the base of the shoe, with its stable and flat outsole… you’ll be fairly supported without losing any stability. Not the ‘best’ with the support but its was adequate for sure.

ANTA Rondo Team Performance Review (RR2) 7Overall – These were way more enjoyable to play in that I initially thought. Their Gel cushion was impressive, even when implemented full length, and the traction was one of the best I’ve had – I still hold the Jordan XX8, Kobe 9 & Penny 5 as the top tier traction models but if you wanted something that’s nearly just as good plus can be great outdoors, then this is the shoe. For their price point, for those of us unable to purchase a pair directly from ANTA (overseas), I think they’re a good buy if you have wide feet and if you hoop outdoors… indoors as well but just specifically pointing at the outdoor players since most of todays shoes seem to be made strictly for indoor courts. If you are located in China already and have the opportunity to grab this shoe then I’d recommend it for sure since the regular retail price is pretty cheap when compared to a Nike, Jordan or adidas model.

If you were interested in trying a pair out for yourself then you can grab one of three colorways now at

ANTA Rondo Team Performance Review (RR2) 8



      1. how much better are the materials on the RR low compared to this team model version? I’m close to getting the lows because they really look nice.

  1. Wow!,a jelly? in the rr1 it is only at the outrigger of the shoes but now it is like a 360 air max

  2. I this is to much but can you make a performance review, if you wouldnt mind, on nike overplay 8 an/or peak challenger 2, i’d really like to test them myself but i’m short in resources right now. Its just i really depend on your reviews when i buy shoes. Thanks and keep up

  3. Does the weight make them feel heavier and does the weight slow you down when you are on the court?

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