ANTA Rondo 1 – Detailed Look

Kicks On Court reader, Will Mason, was able to get hold of the ANTA Rondo 1.

Luckily he wanted to share his recent pickup with us with these new images. According to Will, the lacing system is weird but lockdown is incredible. Cushion feels decent and is made of some sort of Gel. I don’t know if the cushion runs under foot but I think I read someone else that left a comment saying it was just on the outrigger section of the forefoot which is strange since you’d probably want more stability versus cushion at that particular location. Synthetics are used along the upper which include synthetic leather and a TPU based Fuse material (big surprise, right?).

Check out Will’s detailed look at the ANTA Rondo 1 and if you wanted to give him a follow on Twitter then you can do so HERE.

ANTA’s Rondo 1 Product Description

The first generation of ANTA Rajon Rondo’s Boston Celtics “Home” Signature Basketball Shoes has its features as the following:
1. It dressed up in Celtics inspired white/green colorways.
2. Rajon Rondo’s move on the tongue and also jersey number 9 is on the heel.
3. left-right asymmetry design on lace gives more support for feet.
4. Anta unique A-Jelly tech on forfoot for high performance.
5. TPU with Anta latest AUTO-ARCH tech for stability.
6. Foam tech on outer panel for support.
7. PP tech on inner panel for breath.

ANTA Rondo 1 - Detailed Look 1

ANTA Rondo 1 - Detailed Look 2

ANTA Rondo 1 - Detailed Look 3

ANTA Rondo 1 - Detailed Look 4

ANTA Rondo 1 - Detailed Look 5

ANTA Rondo 1 - Detailed Look 6



        1. Somebody has torn Rondo 1 apart before:

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          The Gel–a-jelly is only used in the edge of the forefoot, it’s not even under your forefoot, basically it’s just decoration

  1. I’m getting a pair in BLACK/GREEN C/W. I think these would feel great with a Lunarlon insole/insert which I have. hope to get my pair this month.

  2. I posted my feedback in another article several days ago.

    I got these shoes last week.
    They have perfect fit and lockdown, the lacing system works.
    Traction is awesome, I played indoor and they performed perfectly.
    Cushion is minimum but it gives you great court feel. Do not recommand these shoes to anybody who needs a lot of cushion.
    Support-wise, the ankle support is pretty good, however I don’t like the inside support due to the fuse material–it’s too damn soft. It provides no support at all. I hope they could have used the synthetic leather they used on the rest of the upper to replace this fuse material.

    Overall, I really like these shoes, they kinda remind me Converse Wade 1.0–a cheap allstar guard signature shoe that has excellent fit, lockdown, and court feel.

    As for A-jelly

    Somebody has torn Rondo 1 apart before:

    ht tp:// m/ ml

    delete the spaces

    as you can see, the a-jelly is only used in the sides of the forefoot, only useful for decoration–just like all anta shoes with a-jelly

  3. I think these are…well, bad. What do they bring to the table that you can’t get from Adidas/Nike/Fila/Jordan for LESS? They drilled some holes in the heel eva foam to “absorb” more impact, and threw some asics gel on the outrigger. The internal foot shank is crap, and the outsole is nothing special. I’m just really not impressed, especially in the market that exists today, where there are so many other good options. The fact that “collins” said he wants to get these…THEN PUT A LUNARLON INSERT IN THEM tells me everything.

    1. thanks. first I’d like to explain why I mentioned such thing as putting on an insert. thing is that I have some knee condition which would require some additional cushion for added support and comfort. if I didn’t have such condition, the shoes would be fine for me and would be something like the CrazyQuicks or a bit much better than the CrazyQuicks considering the CQ’s don’t have that good amount of cushion height in the heel. so nothing like the Nike Free’s lack of cushion or the Zig’s cement cushion feel I believe. in my opinion, the cushion is more EVA-based.

      while I agree that there are lot’s of other better options out there, I would like something different other than a Nike. I got the Filas also recently and I love them although they are quite high off the ground though. the problem with Adidas is that they are just too narrow for my liking and cause discomfort and pain to my foot, aside from the fact that I just don’t like Rose.

      I can’t comment on the TPU shank whether if it’s useless especially if it looks cheap or bad and not as elaborate as a carbon fiber, but if it works and performs good and flexible like a Torsion, I wouldn’t complain at all. about the outsole not being special or not as elaborate as with other shoes, I think the design was meant to cater all surface due to it being herringbone traction (the FILA I have doesn’t have such traction design). I would assume the outsole to be XDR material which would guarantee longevity and durability for outdoor play. if Wuke’s opinion about the traction is accurate like performing perfectly, then I would be happy since I don’t want to hyperextend my leg due to slipping which certain shoes of mine have issues (even Nike have bad traction design).

      one of the reasons I consider this shoe aside from it being a Rondo shoe, is comfort in the ankle region is one. ankle support is another and the lacing design is intriguing. I also need another pair for outdoor play and comfortable to wear for casual everyday use. also, the BLK/GR C/W is perfect.

      I don’t think the Rondo’s are bad at all. besides, it all depends on what you insert on your foot, like the Kobe 8’s. I even didn’t like the Lebron XI and feel the shoes too constricting for a shoe that costs around 4X of a Rondo (yikes). for $60 + shipping , I wouldn’t cry over it, much so if it is a gift.

      I’ll hate these only if they destroy my feet and knee. so far, I can’t comment that it is bad.

  4. collins, why not try li-ning instead? i have the turning points and the way of wades, and they are both top tier shoes…these antas just look cheap and shoddy, i can’t see the appeal of them at all…

    1. I totally agree–I’m not trying to be a (total) hater, or trying to call Collins out AT ALL. I’m just saying, with all the superb offerings out there right now, why Antas??!!

      1. Hope this comment doesnt get misconstrued, but at the $50-$60 price point what other options from the other brands can we compare the Rondo’s to? The most i could think of right now is the Peak TP9 but that’s still $30 more expensive.. I agree there are a lot of great new shoes out now, but what choices do we have at the $60 range?

        1. I agree with you about there not being many great options at the $60 price range, but where are most of us going to get them from for $60 though? Unless you live in Asia and can get them for that price, I don’t think it’s worth it for anyone else here to track them down.

          Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought Collins was in the US, so if he is, I don’t see why he would go to the trouble to get these. Even if he knows someone can get them for him, he’d still have to pay postage, so I just don’t see the point of them.

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