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ANTA Rondo 1 Deconstructed Pt. 2

ANTA Rondo 1 Deconstructed Pt. 2 1

We’ve seen the ANTA Rondo 1 Deconstructed before but this time around it’s the good folks over at Long7 taking Rondo’s signature sneaker apart so I figured we’d go for a Pt. 2.

Only thing I really have to say is that the gel cushion on the lateral outrigger is quite pathetic looking when its being ripped off the shoe like that. Maybe the foam is really nice and comfortable but just from seeing pictures like this… it doesn’t exactly make me want to hoop in them.

Take a look at this new set of images and feel free to share your thoughts on the ANTA Rondo 1 in the comment section below.

ANTA Rondo 1 Deconstructed Pt. 2 2

ANTA Rondo 1 Deconstructed Pt. 2 3

ANTA Rondo 1 Deconstructed Pt. 2 4

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  1. Nba and kicks fanatic

    Ugly shoe deserves it

  2. Nba and kicks fanatic

    Watch us find a pic of takin rondo with west side feet mixed with lebrons feet

  3. i think anta could’ve made better looking shoes if they let rondo design it himself…

  4. Some people think it’s ugly because the shoe isnt endorsed by a well off brand or a “heroic” player. Smh. Honestly, i think this could be nice. If you put a swoosh on it, I bet people would dig these too.

  5. nightwing pls do the review on this.i think they gonna be awesome

  6. waiiiiiit… so the gel isnt full length?? just on the outrigger??

  7. I wouldn’t want you wasting your time, Nightwing.

    Even if you do get a pair, I am sure that they probably won’t be as good as what Rondo gets. The ones sold to the public are probably going to use cheaper materials than what Rondo himself would get. Anta aren’t serious. I’d forget about them.

  8. While I wouldn’t mind seeing a performance review on these out of curiosity of the Anta brand, I can see why NW probably won’t do one. They aren’t readily available to U.S. customers and most of NW’s fanbase won’t have access to them. Why waste time with a performace review of a shoe that maybe 1% of followers can actually get?

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