ANTA Releases the KT2 Light

ANTA just launched the KT2 Light overseas in multiple colorways.

The KT2 Light is packed with a bunch of cool features that I’m surprised to see on a shoe released overseas. The entire upper is a knit with synthetic overlays, making these much lighter feeling on-foot than the fuse-based KT2 main model.

These use the same ANTA EVE cushion setup as the original KT2 which is exciting because those were really comfortable. ANTA’s Control-5 Outsole is in place and it’s something I’ve been interested in trying out for a while now. There are five colorways currently available at overseas seller Famuji Sneakers and they’re all priced under $90.

I was less than impressed with the ANTA KT2 Outdoor, but I loved the KT2. Hopefully, I enjoy these enough to complete the testing and performance review. Stay tuned for a detailed look from us and let us know what you think about the KT2 Light below in the comment section.

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  1. These look like will perform well, and I liked the CWs too. Anta has outdone themselves with the KT line, especially with these low tops.

  2. I like the look of these; best looking Klay shoe they’ve done yet. The traction seems like it’ll be good.

  3. Damn. If only I wasn’t broke. Looks to be good for wide footers. Can’t wait for a performance review.

  4. anta is pretty terrible with color blocking, but the kt2 is a really good shoe, i think i’ll give these a try if i can get them cheap

  5. This look better than KT2 hightop. I hope the performance is good. One downside though is that KT shoes have dorky CW. I hope that the”id” thing they’re doing would be available internationally.

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