An ANTA KT2 Low Surfaces Online

Do those look like knit side panels? Why yes, yes they do.

The ANTA KT2 Low has surfaced online and it uses a slightly different build than its bigger brother. Shown in two colorways, the Low is constructed with an inner bootie that is probably made of neoprene (like most booties). The shoe retains the durable fuse of the KT2 at the forefoot but trades mesh for knit at the side panels — a welcome addition that makes us excited for this low.

There is no word yet on whether this build will be releasing Stateside or what it will cost, but as soon as we know you will too. Thoughts on the ANTA KT2 Low?

anta kt2 low 1



  1. I really hope these lows come this way! No matter what I play in right now I usually end up coming back to the KT2. One of my favorite shoes ever is the Peak TP1, and this is a much better version of it. Really like the pair with light blue

  2. Those remind me of the pg1 for some reason, not a bad thing at all. If they release state side i will definitely cop.

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