The Anta KT2 ‘Happy Birthday’ Surfaces a Day After Thompson’s Birthday

It has been a rough week for Klay Thompson, and while his 27th birthday was yesterday (February 8), he probably has other things on his mind.

According to SFGate, Klay Thompson is grieving the loss of his mother’s father, Jerry Leslie. Leslie attended many of Thompson’s games and helped shuttle the three Thompson boys to practices when Thompson’s father was working in the Midwest.

However, Wednesday night against the Bulls — Thompson’s birthday — the shooting guard got busy, scoring a game-high 28 points hitting 10 of 18 shots including 6 of 9 three-point shots.

“I think about him all the time,” Thompson said. “I know he’s upstairs watching me, and he’s proud of me.”

Interestingly, Thompson was not spotted in KT2 ‘Happy Birthday’ colorway pictured here Wednesday night (but rather the ‘Red Alert’ build). There is no official word from Anta America as to whether the silhouette will be hitting retail Stateside. Thus, there is no official explanation for the colorway’s inspiration.

Thankfully, hibasketballshoes and Famuji Sneaker have the shoe in stock, for $100 and $90, respectively. (Nightwing has ordered from Famuji Sneaker in the past.)

Thoughts on this ‘Happy Birthday’ build of the Anta KT2? Share them below.

anta kt2 happy birthday 3

anta kt2 happy birthday 4

anta kt2 happy birthday 1

anta kt2 happy birthday 7


Source: SFGate / Famuji Sneaker



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