ANTA KT Light | Detailed Look and Review

ANTA has released a lighter shoe for Klay Thompson dubbed the ANTA KT Light.

In case you were curious about the KT Light from ANTA, we have a detailed look and review on the recently released sneakers.

I’m excited to try out ANTA’s Control-5 outsole and hopeful that it’ll perform well. If the shoes end up actually being as comfortable as the KT2 then that would be a huge bonus given the current price point the shoe is offered at.

Enjoy the detailed look and review below and feel free to share your thoughts with us below in the comment section. There are currently multiple colorways of the KT Light available now at Famuji Sneakers.



  1. I was thinking to buy this for outdoor use. But then BB released its new colorways for Rare Metal, which are insane!

  2. Hi Nightwing, will you release the performance review anytime soon? If not, can you comment on the traction and cushioning? Very interested to cop a pair! Thanks!

  3. Hi Nightwing, I’m hoping to hear about the traction and cushioning as well. I’d like to use these outdoors.

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