Anta Unveils the Anta KT 2 ‘Make it Rain’ After Klay Scores 60

Klay Thompson had a phenomenal night yesterday against the Indiana Pacers, scoring 60 points in just three quarters of play. Following his impressive scoring prowress Anta has decided to officially unveil the Anta KT 2 ‘Make it Rain’ in the U.S.

The Golden State Warriors are undeniably a team that creates a storm when on the court. The Warriors have a set of stars who can all make it rain on their opponents: Steph and Klay raining threes from beyond the arch, Durant so agile it’s as if he moves as quick as a lightning bolt, and Draymond who throws down thunderous dunks at the rim. The Anta KT 2 ‘Make it Rain’ embodies all of these charactersists the Warriors’ stars display with a blue, black, and white gradient thunderbolt pattern along the upper. An arrow pattern can be seen on the back half of the shoe, above the lightning bolt-looking Anta logo. The inner lining of the shoe sports a heavy rain graphic as well. Finally, the midsole, done in a light blue with white speckles, sits atop the translucent outsole.

You can grab the Anta KT 2 ‘Make it Rain’ here for $120 from Currently, the Anta KT 2 is available in four colorways: ‘Blackhawk’, ‘Whitehawk’, ‘Fadeaway’, and ‘Make it Rain’.

Also, be sure to check out the performance review of the Anta KT 2 here.

Can Klay go for another high scoring game if he wears these on court? Do you expect him to score more? Sound off in the comments below.

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