ANTA and Klay Thompson Announce Giveaway for Christmas Day Finals Rematch

With the highly anticipated NBA Finals rematch on Christmas Day between the Warriors and the Cavs, Klay Thompson and ANTA will be spreading the holiday joy with a special giveaway of KT2 sneakers. For every basket that Klay sinks during the game on Sunday, ANTA will be giving away a pair of of limited edition KT2 ‘Make It Rain’ shoes.

This colorway of the KT2 was originally launched in limited numbers just after Thompson dropped a highly impressive 60 points in 29 minutes against the Indiana Pacers a few weeks ago. It’s quite easy to tell where it gets its name, as streaks of lightning can be seen bolting across the gradient blue upper. Klay himself will be wearing a pair of these special edition holiday shoes during the game against the Cavs.

“How can I win a pair of these awesome KT2’s?” you may be asking yourself. The rules are simple, head on over to and enter your email address in the pop up window. One random winner will be chosen to win the KT2 ‘Make It Rain’ for each basket (free throws included) Klay makes on Christmas Day.  For further information about the giveaway, click here.

Will you be putting your name in to win a pair of these limited edition KT’s? (Why wouldn’t you, it’s free!) Do you think Thompson will “make it rain” on Sunday against the Cavs?  Let us know your opinions in the comment section below and stay tuned to for future ANTA releases.

ANTA Klay Giveaway

anta kt2 make it rain official 1

anta kt2 make it rain official 45

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