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Air Jordan XX8 SE

Everyone wanted to see what the Air Jordan XX8 would look like with the shroud removed and now you have four examples featuring the new look which has been dubbed the Air Jordan XX8 SE (Special Edition). These should boast the same performance overall but with one major difference, these will breath better than the original XX8's. The same awesome traction, Cushion, Flight Plate and Dynamic Fit system are still in place and that should make most hoopers huge fans and it looks like the colorways will be great as well. Take a look after the jump and let me know if you'll be going after a pair so you can experience what all the commotion is about.

Air Jordan XX8 SE  1

Air Jordan XX8 SE  2

Air Jordan XX8 SE  3

Air Jordan XX8 SE 4


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63 Comments on Air Jordan XX8 SE

  1. That’s a huge change!!
    very nice!!

  2. Been waiting to see this. I hope they won’t charge $250 for these. Any release dates? Thanks for the info, Nightwing!

  3. NICE NICE NICE. I gotta get these.

  4. bloodyfetus // June 17, 2013 at 11:16 pm // Reply

    I heard release was very far away, I heard “close to the release of the aj29s” let us know if you can confirm any date nightwing, ty

  5. I hated the XX8’s because of the shroud (my feet were too wide to zip them up comfortably around the midfoot and I just didn’t like the look of them turned down) – this totally makes me want to get them now.

  6. They look like the Air Max 2 CB 94

  7. Great… they nice tho!

  8. sure, would love to get a pair…if/when they ever decide to stop gouging the heck out of their fan base and make enough we don’t have to pre-order, win the “lottery”, or follow some twitter feed to get them. otherwise, yeah, looks like a good update.

  9. Man, I am copping me a pair of these as soon as they drop. Only one question, though. Is the exclusion of the shroud gonna reduce the lockdown or mess with the fit?

  10. I really need to cop these

  11. If these are mass released and at a reasonable price, Jordan Brand is going to see their earnings shoot up. I can pretty much guarantee that. Most ppl had to make themselves like the XX8. I don’t see that being a problem with these.

  12. air philippines // June 18, 2013 at 1:00 am // Reply

    this looks cool but i still prefer the shrouded version.

    • yes im thinking the same as you, the shrouded version was nice, at least for me, I love how they look with the shroud around the midfoot!

    • like…
      hehehe… hear that nike and jordan brand? haha

      • hahah this site must be on the favorites of nike and jordan brand man!!!!

        • whoa… that reply ” hear that nike and jordan thing…etc..”
          is for trezz’s msg: If these are mass released and at a reasonable price, Jordan Brand is going to see their earnings shoot up. I can pretty much guarantee that. Most ppl had to make themselves like the XX8. I don’t see that being a problem with these.

    • The shrouded version is ok, but I love to have some ventilation with these

  13. would the price be the same?

  14. DAMN!!!! These are nice!!! Besides the Melo 9’s the XX8’s have been a great shoe to ball in. Looking forward to these.

  15. loving these. can’t wait for release dates

  16. sorry bout your wallets!

  17. these look amazing compared to the originals but the problem is that the originals cost alot and the special edition will most likely cost more

  18. For the right price I would LOVE to cop one of these. Because I own the Jordan XX8, and bought them for retail. Although I loved the shoe, I don’t think they’re worth anywhere near it’s price point. Especially since (imo) the KB VIII’s, which are only $140, are better overall shoes.

    Hope for the best I suppose..

    • very nice to hear an owner’s (XX8 and Kobe8) honest opinion! now i know waiting for sale price would be best for me, thank you!!

  19. it looks like the jordan superfly 2.

  20. 2hard2guard // June 18, 2013 at 5:17 am // Reply

    I’m a lil disappointed that the shroudless version looks pretty darn identical to the Jordan Super.Fly 2. .. oh well.
    Imagine the XX8 SE in a low top version, though, that would be real interesting.

  21. These look to be the summer XX8’s well ventilated and all the excellent performance of the originals. But personally, I still prefer the shroud, it just makes it look cleaner… that and I’m a sucker for zippers. (I had the og Shox VC.. and I wish they’d retro those again)

  22. Nguyen-Luan Nguyen // June 18, 2013 at 5:45 am // Reply

    If they were name XX8 Lite, they would have justified having lesser tech in there.

    With that said, XX8 SE is an appropriate name since they kept the tech sans the shroud.

    Agree with everyone else regarding the price and availability.

    • Agree with the name, Lite denotes a dressed down or lighter version even if the took out only the shroud. By using SE they could justify a more premium price.

      • Adidas and Nike // June 24, 2013 at 6:13 am // Reply

        It would be awesome if this is the Super.Fly.2 because the first Super.Fly is cheaper than most Jordan Brand shoes

  23. i want ’em now!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. james sneaks // June 18, 2013 at 8:19 am // Reply

    its like the xx8 only they taken of the zipper and make it naked

  25. So you guys don’t think they will be any cheaper?

    What price point do you think that they would be at if you had to guess?

    • I don’t think they will be that much cheaper, if at all. They offer the same tech as the Jordan XX8, minus the shroud. The Lebron X went from $180 to $260 for the “Elite”. Don’t be surprised if the SE are MORE expensive.

  26. These are fresh…I’d get these over the originals.

  27. these are sweet. where can i get my hand on a pair?

  28. Awesome! XX8 SEs or wait for XX9s? But then there’s Kobe 9s and Hyperdunk 2013?! Damnit too much options!

  29. I’d love these at a reasonable price, but can’t really justify 180+.

  30. solid rubber and better ventilation; no wonder it’s hard to find the shrouded XX8 here in the tropics. maybe the distributors were waiting for the SE’s release before marketing the XX8 model here. at least for blacktop, these may end up more comfortable to play with especially during day time. but im sure they’re $230 here ouch

  31. KLO be One U no Me // June 19, 2013 at 4:00 pm // Reply

    i get the performance peice and should be nice – But these are FUGLY. looks like JOrdan made a shoe that looks like a crappy AND1 from the ROSS Shelf.

  32. i was convinced a while ago that i would probably fork out the money to buy the regular xx8s, now that a more breathable version is coming out, i am pretty certain that i will give them a try.

  33. other sites on the net are saying the first colorway isn’t going to drop until february 2014….that’s a long ass time to wait!

    • Other sites can say whatever it is they think. I was told by JB that they would release later on this year. Out of respect I wont be going over the dates nor will I be going over any of the other info I was told about. These sites get info wrong all the time. Its just how it works.

      • cool, man, i’ll take your word over theirs

        • They are going off of a vendor oder sheet from overseas. Asia typically releases their Jordan products later than the US – Retro and flagship models. Team shoes and athlete models like Melo and CP have been avail before the US for some reason… my guess is due to popularity bc they are active players.

          • Tadatsune // June 23, 2013 at 5:11 pm //

            well, that would be the date that matters to me, considering i live in Hong Kong. :(
            and as far as jordan releases go, you never really know what will release here.
            for example, we got the CP3.VI AE jekyll and hyde pack (totally outlandish) and the white colorway in the concrete pack, but we didn’t get the black and red CW, which is really the only one i was interested in, owning the home and away CWs of the CP3.VI already. really puzzling.
            and as far as the m9s go, we got those new black and turqoise ones, but not the syracuse or the black/white/red CW.

            and let’s not even get started on the XX8, they’ve probably shipped a grand total of 20 pairs to hong kong since they released…

  34. its exactly the same shoe w/ the upper reinforced so the shroud could be removed. good move

  35. now the upper is on point. too bad its still ruined by the hideous midsole. I get that the performance of the sole is effective but damn the shape of the midsole w/ the exposed carbon-fibre and the grooves throughout completely ruins the look for me. love the simplicity of the upper. it makes sense. use that upper on a equally good looking sole and its a great shoe. anything that is this expensive should play AND look good

  36. better lower that people on the edge of they seats

  37. I like this more than the original AJ28. Thanks for the post.

  38. I like these better than the original. the tough choice is choosing between super fly 2 and xx8. techwise, xx8 has the upperhand. aesthetics would be for the fly 2. also, price is a dealbreaker.

  39. That would be awesome if the upper consists of a one-piece flyknit upper, kukini cage dynamic fit for lockdown in between the flyknit, a more flexible/spring-like upgraded propelate zoom air on the forefoot, and a split-toe box mad for basketball and free-running

  40. isaiah park // June 22, 2013 at 9:07 pm // Reply

    since it has pretty much the same tech as the original 28s itll probably still be a really expensive shoe but im hoping they dont sell as much so i can rock on the courts

  41. Adidas and Nike // June 24, 2013 at 6:14 am // Reply

    I jsut noticed that the second colorway is a Bobcats colorway

  42. I need this in my life more appealing to the eye than the regular ones.

  43. When are these coming out ?! They look slick af !

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