Air Jordan XX8 SE Black/ Red

Could they get any prettier?

Nothing really beats an Air Jordan in the classic Black/ Red colorway. Yes, there are other colorways that look great but when you see any shoe in black and red it just reminds you of MJ and the Bulls. This colorway doesn’t have a release date but by the looks of it, they’ll be available sooner rather than later as they’ve been popping up at overseas accounts.

Let me know what you think of the Air Jordan XX8 SE in this classic Chicago themed colorway down below in the comment section.

Air Jordan XX8 SE Black Red 1

Air Jordan XX8 SE Black Red 2

Air Jordan XX8 SE Black Red 3

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  1. these look really nice, kind of wish they’d stick with a translucent outsole though…the white or camo looks kind of cheap imo.

  2. Real talk NW, you just made my day with this post. That’s two days in a row. LOL! I’ve been sitting here holding back for a minute waiting for something that looked like this and well, here it is. I can’t wait until this releases here in the US.

  3. HOT DAMN SIR! I just wish they’d sell these shoes here in the Philippines. I was planning to cop the XX8 Christmas CW, but unfortunately they didn’t drop in any one of the major Nike and Jordan outlets here. I don’t understand why Jordan brand through Nike store won’t allow (yet) online purchases for the Philippines. Bummer.

        1. Unfortunately, even Titan did not carry the XX8 Christmas CW. Like other Nike and Jordan retailers (Stadium, Park, Forum), Titan only had the Christmas CW for the CP3 VII, M10, and Super.Fly 2. The store did sell the XX8 SE last year but the shoes sold fast, and they were not, I believe, “general release.” The quantities sold were quite few.

          1. I don’t think the Christmas CW of the XX8 SE was a quick strike release. It wasn’t part of their Christmas catalog. Perhaps the other earlier releases were quick strike.

    1. Guys these just dropped in Bangkok in this colourway, so they should be in Singapore and the Philippines as well I reckon.

      Either way you could probably order them from shops here as it’s so close.

  4. Hallelujah!!! I had to settle for the xx8 Oak Hills last year and they are dope, but these breds are a must cop at $150!

    Let us all hope that JB doesn’t do us greasy and releases enough these. Bows will be thrown for these and it doesn’t even have to be that serious.

  5. would be getting these if i hadnt got the bel air colourway bit too bright but play too good on court too care

  6. Wow, so pretty… With that clean white outsole i’d only allow them to touch the cleanest of courts… red/black/white is probably my favorite aggressive colorway ever, looks clean on almost any hoopin shoe. I have the Soldier 6 in the red/black/white love it

    1. SE means Special Edition.

      Mauro if that’s your own meaning for SE, it makes sense.

      Mine would probably be more confusing and it will either be “Shroud Excluded” or “Shroudless Edition”.

      Like I said yours makes more sense.

  7. Seeing this makes me wonder why they even came out with the Camo crap? Why not just go for this to begin with?

  8. yea…come to think about it I would definitly like the black n gold better…they look very batman begins…nightwing may appretiate that!

  9. Hopefully these are easier to get. This colorway looks absolutely awesome. I don’t normally like red too much, but it looks good in combination with black and white.

    Also, just wanted to give you guys a heads up, I saw on Eastbay today that three colorways are dropping on February 1st. I don’t think this is one of them though.

  10. The M10 Black/Red definitely looks better than this. The material looks soooooooo cheap on this one! Even the camo looks better than this one.


    But these are also hella’dope just think clear soles would’ve iced it. Also wishing for a general release this time around.

  12. What up nw, long time viewer of the site. Very envious of this gig you have goin, I’m a sneaker freak/baller from way back. Never once posted a comment, it’s just not my thing normally but these bred se’s inspired me. They’re perfect, what else is there to say? Keep it up bro, good stuff as always.

  13. So I finally got these yesterday. I have now completed the flight plate trinity in copping these. Wish me luck as I am about to go run some games in these right now.

    I have to mention that trying these on(no hooping yet) and comparing them to the other two flight plate shoes, I can feel the difference. The SEs really are the lightweights and I can also feel that the forefoot zoom is more pronounced. What I mean by that is that the other two seem to have recessed cushion after some runs in them, they don’t feel like the bump that they initially felt like before.

    1. Please tell us how these perform and how the Zoom Air bags hold up after you’ve had a few runs in them.

      1. I can do that. I only ran games for a couple of hours today. What I didn’t notice before is that the zoom bags are well pronounced until you play in them and then they sink in a bit. These are amazing for $150, I am truly impressed.

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