adidas Pushes Women to Unleash Their Creativity

Today, adidas Sports unveiled a new global campaign aimed at women athletes, titled “Unleash Your Creativity.”

Told through the viewpoint of various female athletes, including Candace Parker (WNBA), Becky Sauerbrunn (Women’s National Soccer Team), Ally Love (NYC fitness instructor), Karlie Kloss (supermodel and still an athlete), running coach Jessie Zapo and others, the focus is that hard work only gets you so far — these women have used their minds to become successful in other ways and rise to the top of their respective fields (hard work is still needed, of course). For example:

Karlie Kloss’ film highlights how she uses her imagination to make a difference in the world while Candace Parker shows how she uses creativity to shape her style of play and elevate her game. Dancer and fitness influencer Ally Love inspires women to unleash their own creativity daily from her motivational spin classes to charging up an arena as host of the Brooklyn Nets. Ruqsana Begum is a British and European Kick-Boxing champion who blazed a trail for Muslim women to access sport. Running coach Jessie Zapo found a way to open her sport to a new generation of runners. USWNT Captain Becky Sauerbrunn uses her creativity in soccer to challenge her opponents on the field and win championships.

Soapbox: There are some out there who think women don’t work hard, don’t have the talent, or the drive, or the ability, to succeed in athletics, or really, anything. These women above are are examples of how incorrect and outdated that way of thinking is, because it took extraordinary measures to get them where they are today. Nothing kept them from achieving their goals, and they are an example to girls and women worldwide of what can be accomplished. It is refreshing to see brands focusing on female athletes the past few years and showing men just exactly what strong women are.

In addition to the ad campaign and the video, each athlete’s signature look can be found on the adidas website hereJust scroll through the pictures and the links will appear at the bottom (Valentine’s Day is coming up — hint hint).

Enjoy the pics and let us know if any of your girls or women are creative in exercise or general life, and definitely drop a note if you grabbed any of the looks for your female counterparts.

adidas women becky sauerbrunn

adidas women jessie zapo 2

adidas women candace parker

adidas women ally love

adidas women flavia saraiva



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