adidas Rose 773 II

The adidas Rose line has become a bit stagnant as of late with the Rose 3.5 being nothing more than a redesign on the upper – not a performance enhancing redesign, just a visual redesign.

Luckily we have something to look forward to as the adidas Rose 773 II will be available later on this year. Featuring their next generation PUREMOTION, the Rose 773 II looks like a performance beast. Yes, they do incorporate the Rose 3.5 side panel design into the shoe; however, these have been tweaked enough to where they are undoubtedly a different shoe in comparison.

Take a closer look after the jump and let me know how excited you are for these to hit retail.








  1. why does adidas always just slap two shoes together and never create anything new and original?
    Crazyquick+rose 3.5= rose 773 2

    1. What the hell? Adidas use one or two types of outsole every year. Anyway do you think that those Air Max Hyperdunk are original and new?:-/

      This is just stupid

      1. yes, but do you see other brands combine signature shoes? I could care less if they combine team shoes, but the crazyquick is Wall’s signature shoes, and they shouldnt mix them with rose’s sigs. Signature shoes are all about originality!

        1. my mistake, crazyquick is a team shoe, but my point still applies since the rose’s are still a signature shoe

          you shouldnt use a team model’s midsole on a sig

          1. Well…you must remember the Rose 773 line IS a team line of shoes.

            Rose’s signature line is completely separate.

            They took elements from his sig line and the team line to create the Rose 773 II. Just as they did for the original Rose 773 although the upper of the 773 was original at the time.

    2. cosign…
      i guess as signature athlete drose + d12 deserve some exclusiveness in design
      but then again shared outsole+midsole for everything = low production cost = profit 🙂

      just my $0.02

      1. I understand what you are trying to say but I have no problem with combining signature shoes. I just want the best performance they can offer me. Personally I would love the kobe 8 traction under a lebron x zoom max unit with a kd v upper. I understand that signatures are supposed to be different but innovation is built off of other innovations.

        1. of course performance comes first, and so i understand your point. I am definitely copping these or the crazyquick for performance reasons, I am just dissapointed with the lack of originality on the shoe.

          1. I totally agree! However I think that these are, in there own way, pretty dope. Def copping for ball in the off season!

  2. everything is dope except for the black tip of the shoe at the front of the shoe, in all colorways they’re all black instead of being the same colour

    e.g: in the red colorway, the tip of the shoe is still black, not the same color which is red
    which is a bummer in my opinion
    but the traction looks pretty darn crazy

  3. Hey nightwing, can you please review the jordan 13 he got games coming this march? I want to get those for basketball and im wondering how they will perform.

  4. atleast they incorporated a new traction pattern. possible flexibility perhaps? still EVA cushion I think. but I prefer the Crazy Quick design better.

  5. The traction looks like it could cause potential slipping. Why can’t cant they just stick to full herringbone. They would make more money that way. Am I the only one that thinks this? Honestly I’d pefer a multidirectional storytelling pattern than this. Even if this pattern does work am not going to consider this until someone (like Nightwing lol) reviews it. They would make more money if they made shoes that didnt make the consumer doubt its performance before buying. It’s a shame cause I’m a big fan of pure motion and sneakers with flexible midsoles.

      1. Lol and how would you know that? How about a video testing them with quicks stops, jab steps, crossover moves, etc. then people won’t regret spending a c note plus when these release and get something that might hurt their game.

        1. “They would make more money if they made shoes that didnt make the consumer doubt its performance before buying.”

          Ed, I am mearly pointing out that while you doubt their performance, I, and many other people commenting on this site, do not.

  6. Intriguing shoe. Looking forward to a review. I wonder how the new technology is going to get incorporated into the Rose 4…

  7. Lol word man I respect your opinion. I was merely putting out a suggestion..cuz based on what I see I’m not buying them unless I tested them out.

  8. Honestly, I feel like ever since the 2.5’s they’ve been going down hill, although this does look better than the 3’s and 3.5’s. The bottom of the shoe reminds me of the crazyquick.

  9. I really can’t wait. I’m planning on getting me some new shoes, but I can’t choose between the Drose 773 2 or the Crazyquicks. They are the same price for me. I know the traction should be the one of the best but that just leaves it to the upper part. Can’t wait for Nightwing2303 to make a review to help me decide between the two. PLEASE make a review of the Drose 773 2.

    1. I ordered these shoes and played in them today. They are amazing shoes with “out of the box comfort” and have great looks as well. Overall the traction is amazing (same as crazyquick). The cushion is a bit better than the crazyquick. The materials are incredible. Because the upper is perforated synthetic leather with MANY vents, the toe box is perforated and it has a breathable mesh tongue, it would score much higher on ventilation than the crazyquicks which absorb moisture. The support is about the same as the crazyquicks with the sprintframe and the lockdown providing support however the synthetic leather is a bit better than the techfit in that respect because the shoe will not twist as much. The fit is great (slightly narrow, but true to size lengthwise). The strip of synthetic overlay going from the bottom of the laces to the midsole provides great forefoot lockdown and the heel cup does its job to keep your foot locked into place and prevent any heel slippage(if that’s a word?).
      Traction 10/10
      Cushion 7/10
      Materials 9.5/10
      Fit 10/10
      Support 9/10
      Ventilation 10/10

      Overall 9.25/10

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